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If gun control works, how come it hasn’t yet?

Obama promises gun control that will prevent mass murder. It’s just common sense. Common sense suddenly being a relative term. And, of course, none of these proposals will prevent anything and will affect only law-abiding Americans.

I guess talking about this beats doing something about this.

7 Responses to “If gun control works, how come it hasn’t yet?”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    Of course… Talk fixes everything!!! sigh

  2. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “Comrade President Obama is doing a great job of keeping our gun-free school zones policy in place, with an attack on Second Amendment rights. Gun owners are very easily distracted. Just threaten their rights, and they can’t see anything else! Meanwhile, our National School Massacre Lottery is still in operation with thousands of schools in the lottery! Who knows? We could get lucky any day now! Just as long as we can keep kids unprotected at as many schools as possible. One more school massacre could put the repeal of the Second Amendment within our Marxist grasp! Ha! Ha!”

  3. mac Says:

    Common sense: so rare it ought to be considered a super-power.

  4. Chas Says:

    Gun control is working as it is expected to work by the left. Trayvon is back in his hoodie, but this time in Bloomberg’s gun-free New York, where his victim had no gun, but he did. The cabbie was shot twice, but is expected to recover. Trayvon remains on the loose.

  5. MAJMike Says:

    The Lib-Cong will tell you that, like Communism/Socialism, it hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been universally applied. That is, impure and ineffective partial plans have been tried.

    They now have the opportunity to dance in the blood of innocents so as to achieve their long term goals. Politicians would rather deal with unarmed peasants.

  6. Ron W Says:

    If more gun control supposedly works and it’s “common sense” then will it apply to him, government officials and government agents?

    I mean, surely he’s for equality and justice so that we all “play by the same rules”, right?

  7. Paul Says:

    “gun-control proposals”?

    I thought skippy was going to, by decree.. er I mean executive order, do the actual banning?

    If it’s only a proposal then Congress will say ‘hell no’.