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Gun cartoon

From the local paper

3 Responses to “Gun cartoon”

  1. Kang Says:

    Am I retarded? I don’t get it. Is he saying the 2A is an old dude with a musket from a bygone era? Or is he saying the 2A is about fomenting rebellion? Maybe i’m reading too much into it…I’m willing to give some dude named Charlie Daniel the benefit of the doubt on the pro-2A spectrum….

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    Was that scrawled with a quill, etched in copperplate by hand and then pressed with a manual screw-type press? I mean, if the Second Amendment only protects flintlock muskets, then the First Amendment’s protection of the press only protects the technology available at the same time, right? Those high-speed presses are dangerous! They allow for the unrestricted spread of ideas! And the INTERNET? The Founders never envisioned that kind of power in the hands of individuals!

  3. JustSomeGuy Says:

    Yeah…….that was a compelling pictorial argument… [/sarc]