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Because something must be done, even if something is stupid

Texas DOT will no longer use their message signs to let people know where gun shows are.

5 Responses to “Because something must be done, even if something is stupid”

  1. mikee Says:

    Make the law abiding pay for the crimes of others.

    Lump us in with the scum.

    Then we deserve no better than what happens to them.

    I, or one, refuse to be grouped with the criminals and psychopaths.

  2. Mike Says:

    It was a knee-jerk by the local TxDOT office which was quickly kiboshed by HQ:

  3. teke Says:

    Typically those signs are used to tell event attendees the route they should take to get to the event end to help spread traffic flows on weekends with multiple events.

    I wonder if they will cave on this by the time the NRA annual meeting comes in May.

  4. Speakertweaker Says:

    “We had several people say ‘Hey, this is bad timing,’” said Stuart Corder, director of transportation operations for TxDOT’s Houston district. “We understand there is a wide a range of opinions, and we’ve got to be sensitive to people’s concerns.”

    No, dickhead, you do not. You apparently only have to be sensitive to some people’s concerns. I swear, when it comes to guns sometimes it’s hard to admit I’m from Texas.

  5. SDN Says:

    teke, they already got reversed like Mike says:

    State transportation department officials on Thursday overruled a decision by the Houston district office to stop putting directions to gun shows on freeway message signs.

    Translation: Gov Perry heard about it and said “Oh Hell no.”