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In Illinois

The gun ban goes down, like a young Linda Lovelace, only with more choking.

14 Responses to “In Illinois”

  1. Dave Says:

    Don’t worry, it will be back in some other form sometime in the future. These people just keep trying and trying.

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    From my understanding, it was only 2 votes short and will be brought back up next week.

    It ain’t over.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    I like how they called them “gun safety measures”.

    Because they were all about “safety”, clearly.

  4. Sid Says:


    If they had used the word “Children” along with “gun safety measures” it probably would have passed. They also could have used “green”, “environmental”, and “awareness”.

  5. John Richardson Says:

    Poor Dan Kotowski and Antonio Munoz. Every time I think of them, I will think of a cheap knock-off version of Deep Throat.

  6. Thirdpower Says:

    It’s not over. The bills aren’t being called but they have till next Wednesday to strong arm enough potential votes.

  7. 4strokes Says:

    In light of the bs we are facing, I want to share with you a thought that I have been kicking around. In November Oregon and Colorado both flipped-off our overlords in Washington by legalizing marijuana. I suggest we start the same type of state level effort to protect our arms. Febs pass an “assault weapon ban”, Utah passes a state wide referendum legalizing the sale, possession and manufactor of modern sporting rifles and tells the the Febs to FOAD.
    It would never work for those of you in idiot states, but then you should be voting with your feet.

  8. Ron W Says:

    We need Governors and County Sheriffs to step up and assert their Constitutional oaths and powers. Sheriffs are the supreme elected officials in their counties and Federal agents need their permission to do anything official in their counties. Sheriffs can also deputize their armed citizens which is how the militia is organized at its most local level in accordance with the 10th Amendment. Re: the militia, the Federal government only has “delegated powers” over “such part of the militia which is called into service and EMPLOYED” (Article I, Section 8.16)

  9. Sol Says:

    thanks for the linda lovelace analogy. i was at work with a female co-worker looking over my shoulder when i googled her.

    she asked wtf! and i told her she choked on a gun bill! phallic imagery intended.

  10. chiefjaybob Says:

    G-ddamn kids. Who doesn’t know who Linda Lovelace is?? GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!

  11. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Funny thing. Aren’t they under a Federal Court Order to come up with a Law that REMOVES Gun Restrictions? Do they really think Pissing Off a Fed Judge that has already ruled Against them will help them if they Appeal to SCOTUS? Which, BTW already told them in McDonald vs. Chicago to Knock It Off?

    It would be nice to see that Judge order a Contempt of Court Order, issue a few Bench Warrants, and have the U.S. Marshals give Rahmbo and Quinn a Perp Walk….

  12. Todd S Says:

    “…only with more choking.” Priceless.

  13. Huck Says:

    Mercy sakes! I cant believe that someone had to google Linda Lovelace! I’m getting old…

  14. Rich Says:

    They are trying another end run with a previously passed Senate bill in the ILGA House. SB2899. Committee meeting scheduled tomorrow night. IF you want to hear pure unadulterated stupid from the anti’s listen in as they stream over the web.

    After the 7th circuit court decision they allowed 180 days for the ILGA to pass a law for CCW, since it;s only taking two days to propose these traitorous travesties of justice I think the decision should be revisited and allow them a week at the most for the new CCW law.