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But it changed everything

Sen. Casey of PA may change his mind on gun control because emotions! Not facts or anything.

Same with Justin Peters, who is apparently Slate’s noted firearms expert and he says you don’t need an AR-15. I don’t need lots of things.

12 Responses to “But it changed everything”

  1. Not me Says:

    Casey’s NRA rating comes from his voting to back the national reciprocity bill, which he was opposed to, but voted for after he knew it didnt have the votes to pass.

  2. dunce Says:

    Every democrat is a liar. We found that out when every democrat that claimed to be pro-life voted for the abortion provisions in obamacare. At the first opportunity they will abandon their campaign promises and vote party line on any item on the liberal agenda.

  3. joated Says:

    Certainly don’t need Justin Peters telling me what I need as opposed to want. (Or at least, want the option of.)

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Mr. Peters also doesn’t “need” online publishing.

    And the First Amendment obviously wasn’t written with that sort of (unforeseeable!) instant mass communication – at essentially no cost and with almost no repercussions – in mind, so…

    (Yeah, it’s a hoary old trope. But it’s still perfect.

    I also note that he is dismissive of the AR as a hunting rifle.

    Which is odd, since they are used for both varminting and small game up to deer size; contra popular belief, they’re legal for deer in every state I’ve bothered to look up the regulations for – at very least a good number of them.

    I’m not sure what can be said against the AR platform for smaller game and varmints; coyote and rabbit and the like don’t exactly need a .308 … and his kind would flip out if someone told them that the AR-10 existed, a rifle Just Like The Evil AR-15, but in a full-power rifle cartridge.)

  5. Captain Holly Says:

    You know how I know we’re winning the debate over gun control?

    Because in the article about Bob Casey the author lists Joe Manchin of WV as a gun rights supporter who is “reconsidering” his opposition to gun control, but the supporting link they provide is to the story where Manchin is sucking up to the NRA and denying he wants to ban any guns.

    These people are so committed to pushing the “NRA is dying” narrative they are ignoring obvious facts.

  6. Not me Says:

    Not committed to saying the NRA is dying, I am committed to getting people to fix a messed up organization like we need to fix certain political parties.

    People who just take the NRA at face value have some learning to do.

  7. Jay in WV Says:

    Sigivald, Shhhhhhhh on the AR-10, that knowledge just might make their heads explode.

    As far as “Judas” Joe Manchin goes, I’m keeping a real close eye on my very own “Blue Dog” Democrat Senator.

  8. Lyle Says:

    We don’t have a Bill of Needs in the constitution.

  9. chris Says:

    I never bought into the notion of the pro-gun Democrat as being anything other than a true rarity.

    Most of the blue dog types I see sold us out before the Sandy Hook bodies were buried.

    Same thing happened in Great Britain and in Australia.

    The NRA pretty much owns Harry Reid at this point after refusing to back his legitimately pro-2A Republican opponent 2 years ago (after cutting a deal with Reid to exclude the NRA from some campaign finance legislation which followed the SCOTUS hearing in Citizens United).

    It will be interesting to see what Reid does.

    Ditto for John Boehner.

    And ditto for the 2 sorry Senators that Uncle and I have here in Tn.

    I have completely given up on the GOP at this point.

  10. Ron W Says:

    The “you don’t need” assertion is ridiculous. We are the EMPLOYERS and we tell the government, OUR EMPLOYEES, what they don’t need, not them telling us!!!
    IF, IF,we are a free people then we decide what we need and what we want…not those who we ELECT and HIRE to administrate OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR LAW, particularly , the Bill of Rights which tells the government, NO, NO, NO, NO, ….”they don’t need” and they are NOT to violate or infringe on our rights!!

  11. Mike Says:

    Light a fire under them.

    And when you contact your reps/senators, make sure to explicitly state that you oppose gun bans as well as magazine restrictions.

    I will bet you a month’s salary that Manchin will NOT vote for a gun ban, but he WILL vote to restrict magazines to 10 rounds or less. THAT is where the fight is going to be, and a fair number of gun owners will fall for it. After the Feinstein feint (too extreme!), a simple magazine restriction proposal will sail on through as “reasonable” by comparison. Cut them off at the pass and let them know that a ban on anything (gun or magazine) is a no-go.

    Get on your reps NOW!

  12. Jeff Powell Says:

    They can ban all the high capacity clips they want.. I don’t mind. As long as they don’t ban my normal and high capacity magazines! 🙂