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A common trend

Why I re-joined the NRA

6 Responses to “A common trend”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    He says he left the NRA during the Bush administration, because they sent him a video tape that he didn’t ask for and expected him to either pay for it or send it back at his expense. That’s funny, because the NRA has been hounding me over a DVD that they sent me 6 months ago. A DVD that I didn’t ask for, nor feel inclined to send back at my expense.

  2. NotClauswitz Says:

    How can I get the attention? They once sent me a video tape, ages ago, and I just tossed it – but they never did hound me afterwards.

  3. Magus Says:

    Had to re-up my membership this year. Damn the 5 year option is expensive.

  4. j.c. baber Says:

    joined nra in 90’s and declined to reup in early 2000’s they kept hounding me or harass me for more money and on my income i have enough for yearly dues only,,i ask them to quit,,they didn’t so i did,,i will probably rejoin soon but the hounding will go into trash…

  5. j c baber Says:

    re upppeeeddd today after a 40 min wait on the phone,they couldn’t find any notion of my old membership,,some kind of change and the zip code didn’t carry over…BTW she said she would take me off the list for the hounding ha ha we wil long as i can afford and find ammo i will keep burning powder!

  6. Disavowed With Honor Says:


    I am a life member and had the same issue with a DVD last year. I called and told them there was no way I would be paying them for unsolicited merchandise and if they wanted it back they could send me a prepaid envelope. They said they would not do that so I told them to reimburse my life membership dues. Those were their choices. They didn’t accept. I sent them a video clip of me giving their DVD a 1.25 inch group at 100 yards with my .308. They never bothered me again. LOL. I received a letter of apology about two weeks later. 🙂

    Disavowed With Honor