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Gun Boom

pdb’s Guide To Surviving the 2012-2013 Gun Frenzypocolopse

AR-15 for trade. Heh.

Stumpies custom guns!

2 Responses to “Gun Boom”

  1. Anon Says:

    AR-15 for a Jeep. that’s a slacker deal….I’m willing to trade a full-boat HK91 with 60 magazines for clear title on a 4 bedroom beach house on the west coast of Florida between Naples and Ft. Myers. For a couple years of lawn and maid service I’ll consider tossing in the Schmidt & Bender…..

  2. JAG2955 Says:

    Re: Stumpies, I’ll be sure to check them out. I hope they’ll turn out to do some good things, as there are no good gun shops or gunsmiths in the Jacksonville area. Perhaps I’ll have a transfer done by them next week.