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Only if you’re a namby pamby huffpo reader

The rest of us think it’s cool: 21 Vintage Gun Ads That Will Make You Wince

6 Responses to “Only if you’re a namby pamby huffpo reader”

  1. Critter Says:

    Yeah, huffpo staff tend to be weenie metrosexuals.

  2. gbkeith Says:

    “Right of Way”, the Winchester ad with the bear on the trail, is hanging by my fireplace as we speak.

  3. JustSomeGuy Says:

    The only thing that had me wincing was the occasional attempt at an editorial comment they threw in. Talk about bed-wetting silliness!

    “What’s manlier than taming–or possibly punching–a horse…”

    That is pride in urban elitist ignorance, there.


  4. Canthros Says:

    I like that they included ads for the terrifying air-powered weapons made by Crossman and Daisy.

  5. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Gawd, had to see the huffingglue post take on that. BB guns? Violence? Really? Mine must all be defective. No matter how much I yell at them, they won’t shoot anyone.

  6. Mike V. Says:

    I recieved the Daisy pump in ad #19 when I was 9 or 10 years old. After I moved out of the house, Dad used it to chase crows out of the yard. When my grandson is older, it will be his.