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David Gregory Breaks DC’s Gun Laws?

Looks like it. Possession of that is illegal there. But a few localities have exemptions for dramatic purposes and show business. Not sure if DC does. He does seem rather fascinated by a box with a spring in it.

Also, he’s a hypocrite. Seems he criticized LaPierre for wanting armed guards in schools. But sends his kids to a school with armed guards.

10 Responses to “David Gregory Breaks DC’s Gun Laws?”

  1. Chas Says:

    That’s the URL for the White House petition to press charges against David Gregory.
    Normally, when an anti-gun celeb gets caught, I stand up for their RKBA. But this douchebag wasn’t exercising his RKBA, he was trying to destroy ours. Burn him.
    He needs to be a big, bad, black man’s boyfriend in a Dee Cee jail. Think of it as being the education he never got. You’re not against education, are you?

  2. Matt in AZ Says:

    This “interview” was nothing more than the absolute antithesis of journalism. Just pure sensationalism, with zero facts and an open bias towards AR standard capacity magazines. Wayne was a cool customer and stood his ground well. The elitist media folks are very brazen in openly supporting an ideology, rather than the the truth or basic facts. There is a narrative in journalism now that makes folks like Sam Donaldson drink. Infotainment is what all of the media has become. If I wasn’t a firm believer in the First amendment, I might just be attacking their right to say whatever is on their minds. A lawsuit named Libel comes to mind…….

  3. Huck Says:

    From Wikipedia;

    “Since June 2000, Gregory has been married to former federal prosecutor and former Fannie Mae executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, Beth Wilkinson.”

    So he’s to all intents and purposes married to a crook as well. Birds of a feather…

  4. Kristophr Says:

    Welcome to our world, Mr. Gregory … where you can become an instant felon by missing an off-ramp at the wrong time.

  5. HL Says:

    Had the mag been in Wayne’s hand, DC SWAT would have rapelled in, shoved him to the ground and shot his dog.

  6. Cargosquid Says:
    Now there is news via (h/t Drudge) that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is investigating.

    I spoke with Officer Alali, the spokesman on duty today at the MPD, who refused any further comment except to confirm that there is an “active investigation.”

    It may be even worse for Gregory and NBC News. According to an e-mail received by The Patriots Perspective website, which originally broke the Gregory story, NBC News had inquired whether it was permitted to use the magazine and was told that it was not permitted. The authenticity of the email has not been verified.


  7. Chas Says:

    It would be a pisser if Wayne testified against him as an eye witness to the crime, wouldn’t it? David Gregory would be in a state of disbelief, since he’s the one who wants to send people like you, me and Wayne to prison for magazine possession. Karma is a bitch when it boomerangs back atcha! Good luck with that weapons charge, Mr. Gregory!
    Seriously, if the Dee Cee police aren’t corrupt enough to find a way to sweep this under the rug, then I’ll be the one in a state of disbelief.

  8. LKP Says:

    Watch DC and NBC weasel their way out of this somehow. They’re like you and me, only better!

  9. Chas Says:

    Equality under the law means that some animals are more equal than others, as Orwell put it. With his job at NBC, David Gregory is way more equal than just about anybody. It’s not a crime when HE does it!

  10. Sigivald Says:

    Probably he broke the law, I reckon.

    But maybe he was using an internally blocked 30-round shell that really only held 10 rounds as a prop. We can’t tell from the outside.

    Possible? Yes.

    Likely? Not really, all things considered.

    But it is possible.

    (This also works with the alleged email; being told you can’t bring in a 30 might lead to either blocking or disabling it permanently for show, or finding another magazine that was already blocked. Or ignoring the law. We don’t know.)