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The Gun Boom

Brownells reports selling 3.5 years worth of magazines in 72 hours


Confusing cause and effect: How Walmart Helped Make the Newtown Shooter’s AR-15 the Most Popular Assault Weapon in America. No, it already was the most popular rifle in America, that’s why they started selling them.

Once again, Tennessee records record gun sales.

Permits and gun sales surge in PA

The AR rush.

So, how many gun sales booms have their been under Obama?

2 Responses to “The Gun Boom”

  1. Skip Says:

    At least three under him, one under 9/11, and two under Clinton, if IRC.

  2. DaveR Says:

    Bet you that a lot of buyers are stocking up in memory of the crazy prices pre-ban lowers commanded during the last AWB. The gamble this go-round is that the new AWB will allow transfers–the wording so far seems to say that it won’t.