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Bloomberg: I donít think thereís anybody thatís defended the Second Amendment as much as I have

The Brady Campaign’s new ad riddled with lies as well.

5 Responses to “Liars”

  1. JD Rush Says:

    Bloomberg conflates “defended” with “defiled.”
    Doesn’t he have a 16.0001 oz. drink to confiscate somewhere?

  2. The Comedian Says:

    Well, he did say “as much as”, not “more than”.

    In that sense I suppose it is true.

    There isn’t anybody else that’s defended the Second Amendment exactly as little as he has.

  3. Chas Says:

    It takes a sociopath, a psychopath, like Bloomberg to have repeatedly pissed in our faces every chance he got and to tell us now that it was only ever just raining.
    He’s like a grinning, sadistic rapist who says that it was never rape at all, because his terrified, screaming, struggling victims enjoyed it.
    Bloomberg has supported the Second Amendment like Hitler supported Judaism – his actions have never been anything but an attempt to destroy it at every opportunity.
    Now, he adds incredibly arrogant lying to his crimes against American freedom and the Bill of Rights. He had seemed like a freedom-hating politician from the former East Germany. Now he seems more like an evil from Hell.
    I hope that someone can address this behavior on the part of Bloomberg more precisely than I can.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    Chas, I was gonna say “Like Stalin supported the kulaks”, but hey.

    Interesting thing about that 16 oz. drink issue: it only applies to restaurants and the like that are subject to health inspections, not the stop-n-robs which are not. This is interesting because very few chilll-dren go to a restaurant by themselves, but probably more than one hit the stop-n-rob on the way home from school.

  5. oddball Says:

    Damnit… warn people before letting them read stuff like that Bloomberg quote. You owe me a keyboard!