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Three reasons gun control isn’t going to happen

Here you go. It’s a show. Also, Reid punts on gun control.

17 Responses to “Three reasons gun control isn’t going to happen”

  1. hillbilly Says:

    If this is, indeed, a show, then it proves that Obama is truly incompetent as a politician.

    He’s angered and energized a very powerful enemy in gun owners and the NRA with this show, as proven by massive gun buying and NRA memberships clipping along at 8,000 new per day.

    If he’s stirred up that kind of hornet’s nest, just for a show to placate his looney-left base, it’s like the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor just to show the Imperial Navy how much the Emporer appreciated them.

    There will be Democrats who lose their Congressional seats in 2014 over this, no matter the outcome.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    I’ve been feeling better since Obama’s Presser, because I too thought it didn’t signal seriousness. But we still need to continue to mobilize. Obama is still throwing down, and we need to remind them that we can still mobilize a hoard if the people in DC signal they are thinking about fucking with us.

  3. mikee Says:

    Hillbilly, Obama is ONLY a politician. He absolutely knows that the House Republicans will not pass gun control legislation. He just wants this as an issue to beat on them in 2014.

  4. Divemedic Says:

    @mikee: That won’t work. The emotion of the past week will fade before then. The American public has the attention span of a goldfish.

  5. hillbilly Says:

    The “public” in general will forget, but us gunnies will never ever forget. And we will dedicate ourselves, with single-minded determination, to make sure that any and all anti-gun politicians who can be voted out of office are voted out.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Legislation, not for awhile. Executive Orders? How about one where Obama shuts down NICS “…because it doesn’t take into account whether the potential buyer is Mentally Competent to own a Weapon. So, until we update all the records….”

    Or Barry orders the EPA to Ban the Sale of LEAD to Ammo Manufacturers ” …because it’s an Environmental Hazard.”

    Or the DOJ refuses to intervene if some VolksRepublik decides to do an AWB “… because it’s a State’s Rights Issue.”

    After all, Bush the Elder’s Gun Import Ban Executive Order is still in effect, what pushing 30 years now?

    Trust me, the Anointed One is NOT going to let a little thing like Constitutionality get in the way of anything he deems necessary.

  7. The Jack Says:

    Les that’s very true. He’s also very spiteful and big on getting revenge.

    That said if he’s going to give EO’s anyway, it’s best to stop the legislature from helping.

  8. comatus Says:

    hillbilly, I feel the same as you do, but this has been a good gauge of how deep “our” commitment really is. We thought we already had voted out every anti-gun congressman, and now our own pledged reps are folding. Go blog to blog and you can read how much gun devotees are willing to give up in a compromise, to save something.

    In 1934 it was a spate of kidnappings and bank robberies, in 1968 a couple of high-profile assassinations. They will be back every time the large print comes out of the type case, and we have to start from scratch every time. The “conversation” never ends.

    It’s as if there were a large faction wanting to re-instate slavery every time a black guy broke a law. And if you recall, there was such a faction for a long time. They had their own political party. Still do.

  9. Alien Says:

    I’ll agree that the pressure for new gun control measures is declining.

    Now it’s time for us to go on the offensive. Demand the end of “gun free zones;” reduce the requirements for obtaining a CCW (see Larry Correia’s piece:; demand gun safety training in schools; demand less onerous regulation of shooting ranges; demand a percentage of Pittman-Robertson funds be made available for gun ranges and gun safety training.

    It’s past time to “mainstream” gun ownership, gun safety, gun possession, et al. Be polite, be rational, be congenial, be firm, but maintain a full court press. Anti-gunners operate in a child-like fantasy world, which includes the media. We have an opportunity to convert hearts and minds with calm, rational, sincere positions delivering simple but factual information.

    Let’s show the liberals what “Forward” really means.

  10. hillbilly Says:

    Comatus, I’ve seen exactly two senators with NRA-A ratings, both Democrats, come out and say “Yes” for a ban.

    However, one of them, Joe Manchin of WV, was walking back his statement about 24 hours later, saying he wasn’t ready to ban anything.

    He changed his tune exactly and precisely because the NRA got hold of his happy little ass and asked him if he’d like to keep his new spiffy job in D.C.

  11. DaveR Says:

    Oh. It’s gonna happen. There’s too much momentum. There have been enough public shootings in the past 6 months using AR platforms to make arguments against an “assault weapons ban” hard to defend.

    I don’t like it, but I also can’t defend the ownership of these kinds of weapons. In two of the three high profile shootings in the last 6 months, the crimes were facilitated by gun owners who didn’t take sufficient steps to properly secure their weapons from others. We gun owners have spent too much time shouting “individual rights” instead of being advocates for individual responsibility–not saying that’s true, but that’s the message that gets out to the non-gun owning public.

  12. Tremaine Says:

    Anger? Check. Denial? Check. Now onto Bargaining….

  13. comatus Says:

    hillbilly, meet Dave R.
    Dave? hillbilly.
    You guys talk this out.

  14. Tim Says:

    I think the points made in this article are spurious, at best. The appointment of Joe Biden to honcho gun control is nothing but a trial balloon to measure public reaction: if it sucks, well, it’s just crazy uncle joe not doing anything particularly important. But if the effort ‘gets legs’, the prez can easily step out in front and claim it as his idea all along.

  15. Chas Says:

    Meanwhile, where I’m at:

    “There’s talk that Gov. Cuomo will call for a total semi-auto prohibition bill with no grandfather clause for guns and magazines holding 10+, or even 7+, rounds.”

  16. Rob Crawford Says:

    DaveR — *yawn*

    A handful of lunatics lash out, calls go out for the lynching of the innocent, and you can’t be arsed to defend the innocent.

  17. Seerak Says:

    DaveR: if standing up for individual rights doesn’t do the trick anymore, then this country is done.

    I submit the opposite: prior to any fallout from Newtown, guns were the only issue where the statist Left were actually in retreat (not just stopped or slowed down). It’s also the one issue where conservatives tend to speak in terms of absolute individual rights that are recognized (not “granted”) by government.

    I say that’s not a coincidence.