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NRA membership

Adding 8,000 members per day since the Newtown shooting.

5 Responses to “NRA membership”

  1. Turk Turon Says:

    I want it to be 8,000 an HOUR!

  2. ChrisM Says:

    When the NRA issues they’re statement on Friday, I hope they don’t start waving the compromise flage. If they do, I hope the membership number goes down just as fast. I know they’ll loose mine, if they take the appeasement path.

  3. plblark Says:

    6 people have become Life members in the last 2 days by calling the NRA member line and using my name and Life member number to pay for their own “Gift” life membership at $300.

    I wish I could afford to buy people these gift memberships but this will have to do.

  4. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’m with ChrisM. I expect the NRA to stand up for our rights. If they, as someone put it, “fold like Superman on laundry day” I’ll drop my Patron membership – period.

  5. Mike Says:

    NRA isn’t folding on a new semi auto ban. It was clear in Lapierre’s remarks and in ILA’s website on Friday evening. They oppose the gun ban and will continue to fight it. You couldn’t really expect them to come out and give a full blown defense of ARs, etc in their press conf.