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NRA A rated Democrat calls for ban on the most popular rifle in the country

Lifelong NRA member, Sen. Manchin, does the same thing.

Harry Reid signals he may be up for gun laws to hit the senate floor. Remember back when I said that NRA not endorsing him could be bad. Well, there you go.

One Response to “Caving”

  1. Geodkyt Says:

    Ah, remember the days of everyone insisting that Obama would never bother supporting gun control, that Harry Reid and Joe Manchin were “good on guns”, and that ANY gun control proposal that came up would be quashed in the Senate by Reid?

    Frankly, pro-gun elected Democrats are much rarer than pro-choice elected Republicans. And we need to acknowledge this reality — so long as teh Democrat Party leadership is opposed to our ennumerated civil rights, no Democrat can be trusted, because regardless of their personal feelings:

    1. They will vote for DNC leadership as the majority party in whatever legislative house they sit in (state, US House of represenatives, US Senate)(I know, “Duh.” But people keep forgetting this. . . )

    2. Their leadership WILL lean on them to at least not oppose the leadership plans.

    Honest, honorable Democrats at the national level are gone — the Party has successfully purged them from any importance. (Hell, back when the consuming desire was ‘Beat Bush’, they booted the very liberal Lieberman over ONE ISSUE.)