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Been saying that for a few years

The U.S. Already Had a Conversation About Guns—and the Pro Side Won. There’s this whole mythology that we’d have all these gun laws and unicorns and lollipops if it weren’t for that dastardly NRA. Except that, you know, the NRA is only powerful because of its member base, much like the AARP. It’s a big voting block and the people that make it up, generally, are representative of most people.

And more people are buying guns and carrying.

One Response to “Been saying that for a few years”

  1. Ingot Says:

    It’s all about perception. The media over-plays gun crime and ignores it when someone successfully defends themselves with a gun. So, Joe and Jane Public see the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center as benevolent organizations, akin to something like the Red Cross, when they’re actually just lobbying groups being paid to pitch a message, and aside from the content of their message they’re no different than the NRA – it’s just a lobbying group made up of regular Americans who share an opinion. When the NRA backs some legislation that passes, they’re just enacting the will of their members, not some gigantic, evil entity like the Empire from Star Wars.