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Brady Campaign Sues Over Non-Existent and Non-Existent Loophole

Seems that a guy who killed a woman bought his gun through illegally. And the Brady Campaign to Cling To Relevancy thinks that’s’s fault.

4 Responses to “Brady Campaign Sues Over Non-Existent and Non-Existent Loophole”

  1. Mike V. Says:

    So…..An illegal sale, seller was prosecuted and convicted. If there is any civil liability, I’d think it is also with the seller. I can’t see where Armlist can be sued. And IIRC, the only thing bought on the net in the VT shooting were magazines, which aren’t regulated federally.

  2. Mu Says:

    Actually, under shared liability rules that could get really pricey for armslist. In many states, if you’re found even as a minor contributor, you’re jointly liable for the damage. So if the shooter gets 95% liability but is broke and serving life without parole, even 5% can make you liable for the whole thing. Same reason why people add Walmart to product liability lawsuits, the maker might not have money, the retailer does.
    And 5% liability could be construed simply from allowing out-of-state buyers to view the list, depending on the jury.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    This case will be tossed.. Unless you want to start suing GM,Ford and Chrysler because Drunk Drivers kill people in their vehicles!

  4. SPQR Says:

    Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act would be what I think will decide this case for Armslist.