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More on the gun control and football thing

Bob Costas is confused that parroting taking guns away from someone would be good makes people think he actually wants to take guns away. You can’t blame Bob, though. If he didn’t have a microphone, he couldn’t parrot stupid things.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports should fire Jason Whitlock. Yes.

Also, seems Whitlock thinks that the KKK = anyone he doesn’t like.

5 Responses to “More on the gun control and football thing”

  1. Eric Says:

    So Whitlock doesn’t like the Democrats….

  2. rickn8or Says:

    Uh, Jason, the KKK was all for taking guns away… from black people. And the Democrats loved ’em for it.

  3. Wes S. Says:

    There’s a reason that KC residents called Whitlock “Shitlock” and “Whitless” when he wrote for the Kansas City Star, you know.

    And it just had to be Fox that gave Whitlock the opportunity to take his racebaiting bitchiness national.


  4. breda Says:

    Newsflash: grown men who wear makeup and get plastic surgery so they can discuss other grown men playing ball games on television might not be intelligent/informed enough to offer commentary on anything other than sports!

  5. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    I wonder how many inches of pain Bob Costas is feeling right now.