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Turns out anti-violence groups in Chicago may be a scam. They get millions and have no impact on crime:

Nice of the press to notice.

3 Responses to “Shocking!”

  1. Noah D Says:


  2. Ygolonac Says:

    Over at the Second City Cop blog, it’s been noted that CeaseFire’s “interrupters” have been getting busted with dealer-quantities of narcotics. (30 bags of heroin & 40 crack rocks – two different arrests, there.)

    But that money sure was well-spent – think how dangerous Chicago would be without them! There’d be 400 murders a year!

    Oh, wait…

  3. jughead Says:

    You know what best prevents violence? – The threat of countervailing violence. It has always been this way. Weakness is provocative.

    Hence, states with “shall issue” carry laws have SIGNIFICANTLY lower rates of violent crime (well up into double digits).

    Compare this to Chicago, D.C., LA, etc. and other places with strict gun control laws.