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It’s like a dipstick for your magazines

So you can check and see how full they are.

4 Responses to “It’s like a dipstick for your magazines”

  1. mostly cajun Says:

    Neato! When I’m loading mags, I weigh each of them on a digital scale. This is just as neat!


  2. Geodkyt Says:

    Truly cool idea.

    I wouldnt pay for a plastic version Id just make my own. But, as several ARFCOM posters stated, Id certainly pay for a metal version, say marked for 30-rounders on one side, 20-rounders on the other, all markings etched or engraved, with a fingerloop handle.

  3. Gerry Says:

    Very smart idea. I’ll make one for my own use but like Geodkyt I’d buy a metal one.

  4. Geodkyt Says:

    I’m starting to root around for an old automotive dipstick to shorten and engrave. . .