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In Canada

Turn in your pistol, get a camera.

6 Responses to “In Canada”

  1. adam Says:

    Can I turn in a cheap digital camera and get a pistol? I’d do that..

  2. Jack Says:

    Behold Fudd-land.

    This is what happens when Hunting and Sporting purpose is the *only* thing you can have a gun for.

    Canada has no CCW (well not like a commoner will get one)

    Canada has such onerous SafeStorage laws that even if you were complying, had enough time to open your safe, load your gun, and use it to defend yourself the Crown would still prosecute you for violating safe storage. Just because.

    Canada also has strict limits on magazine capacity and on guns that look too much like others. Like prohibiting 22lr guns that happen to look AKish.

  3. Ed Skinner Says:

    No self-respecting criminal who is good at his job is going to give up a working gun for a camera. All he has to do is SHOW his gun to an unarmed but en-camera’d Canadian to get theirs, and then he will have BOTH camera AND gun.
    The only winner here is the camera store getting lots of free advertising. And from a business perspective, that’s not half bad!

  4. Kurt Says:

    Thanks, but I prefer my Glock Point and Shoot”

  5. Kirk Parker Says:

    I’m with adam–can I get in on the other end of that pipeline?

  6. Ted N Says:

    America’s stupid hat: Canada.