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Ignore those other two columns while reading this

Web advertising is killing web communication. Well, I suppose until I’m paid to write, that will have to do. Except that I am paid to write but I suck at deadlines. Sorry, Ed.

4 Responses to “Ignore those other two columns while reading this”

  1. Bob Owens Says:

    You strike a solid balance of using ads that hawk wares without being a detriment to the user’s experience

    I could only wish that others would follow your lead.

  2. Robert Says:

    Indeed. I do not mind a whit as long as they don’t move and don’t play sound.

  3. Jay G. Says:

    Heh. It’s pretty funny (and timely) that you mentioned the writing…

    (IOW, lemme add on to the “sorry Ed” part…)

  4. Ed Says:

    Gentlemen, no need to apologize. You are merely becoming like the majority of professional gunwriters in your inability to meet deadlines 😉