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The Democrat Platform calls for gun control

I thought they learned their lesson but I guess not. The platform calls for “an honest and open conversation about firearms.” We had that already and the gun control side lost. It’s the same old platform that calls for banning the sale of the most popular sporting rifle in the country and for banning private transactions. Well, they don’t call it that. They call it banning assault weapons and requiring background checks for all sales. But the result would be more like my description. Apparently, the platform doesn’t go far enough for Mayors Against Guns.

14 Responses to “The Democrat Platform calls for gun control”

  1. Gun Cuff Says:

    This will be just something else for Romney appeal. By now you would think the democrats would learn a lesson. If they would stop going against the majority of the peaple they might win an election or two.

  2. JD Rush Says:

    Great! Lets put NFA, GCA and the Hughes Amendment up for discussion. I mean, they said open, right? Well, they can have 1/4 of each bill.

  3. Eichenlaub Says:

    I thought republicans didn’t want to win.
    Stuff must be more messed up than we know if both parties want to lose.

  4. Kristophr Says:

    The Dems know they are going to go down in flames in November.

    They are just pandering to their cash supporters at this point.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    It balances, seems the R’s haven’t learned their lessons re: abortion and gay marriage either.

    Instead of private-sale background checks, what about a National FOID with no recordkeeping. Picture ID’s jut to make it secure.

    Oops. Picture ID’s are ray-ciss. Never mind.

  6. mikee Says:

    How about no ID unless one is a felon, then one is required to produce that ID during any interaction with a government official? Keeps the burden on those who have earned the carrying of it.

  7. Brad Says:

    Democrats are addicted to gun control. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter that it’s a political loser. To give up gun-control would mean giving up part of the soul of the Democratic Party.

    If anyone has a question about just what Democrats want and what they do when given a free hand, I offer the example of California. Even here where gun-control reigns supreme, every year brings a new turn of the screw, every year a new law, every year another abomination of ever-tighter gun control, as they pursue the utopia of absolute citizen disarmament.

    There is no hope here of change for the better from the California government. Now our only hope is from the Federal Court System, thanks to DC v Heller and McDonald v Chicago. The fight against gun-control is likely to be as long and as hard as the fight was against segregation after Brown v Board of Education.

    Once again anti-rights Democrats are on the wrong side of history.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Let’s have them apply “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment) to their gun control and see if thier elite ruling class folks would go with that. If gun control is good for the people, shouldn’t it be good for their public servants? If it is good for us, let them lead by example.

  9. Old Easterner Says:

    Why not an “X” on Drivers License (or substitute ) for each “prohibited person”?

    Private sales can only be in-state, so you have to check anyway. When someone is convicted of felony, take their license, and they will later get a new one with an X.

    With this their is no govt involvement with sales, and all get background check. Actually, could get rid of NICS at FFL, too.

    Liberals might be upset that requiring ID for a civil right discriminates against minorities, though.

  10. Old Easterner Says:

    [very sorry. “their” should be “there”, above]

  11. IllTemperedCur Says:

    PLEASE don’t throw us into that briar patch!

  12. Ron W Says:

    “Liberals might be upset that requiring ID for a civil right discriminates against minorities, though.”


    When it applies to the right of armed self-defense, all civil liberities go out the window for liberals.

  13. Jeffro Says:

    What Kristophr said. They’re just pandering to their fringe elements. Just try to find a majority to actually follow through – they’d rather be reelected, and don’t want to suffer the losses the last time they tried.

    And it’s the same for the Stupid Party and abortion – there will never be a Constitutional Amendment passed, and they know it.

  14. asdf Says:

    2nd amendment is a right not a privilege.