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First, they came for the sex offenders

Now, a proposal for folks convicted of gun crimes to go on a registry. Kinda like how they made sex offender registries and then sex crimes just stopped.

5 Responses to “First, they came for the sex offenders”

  1. comatus Says:

    Timetables change, but never destinations.

    Tobacco, fat, sugar. This morning’s Wall Street Journal has a letter decrying the law against polygamy, proving that same-sex marriage has now reached its tipping point.


  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    This is positively “what you do instead of something”. The list is actually private, so isn’t a tool to let you make sure the gangbanger across the road isn’t a felon.

    It’s also proposed that it will allow police to “visit” but not “search” periodically the offender’s residence.

    Furthermore, the proposed county law probably breaks the state’s preemption laws.

  3. mikee Says:

    I’d suggest a different registry. CHL, CCW, CRFL, and other already registered gun “offenders” get moved to the top of the DCM list for buying guns like those Korean M1 carbines that will be imported within a month after Romney is inaugurated.

    Because he needs to shore up his supporters, this will be done. Especially if the NRA asks for it before the election.

    Any NRA officials reading these here comments?

  4. JD Rush Says:

    They already have that list. It is the early parole list.

  5. ltm Says:

    What truly surprises me is that the AWA-SORNA is and was illegal from the start. Any half wit could understand the US CONSTITUTIONAL issues at hand. Speaking of half wits; who signed the AWA into law?

    I for one was not convicted. I did plead guilty like the rest of the 95% (makes you wonder) of those challenged in criminal court rather than at age 55 years old chancing the prospect of 10 years in prison by a jury. You never know how a trial will go. There is much more to my story than meets the eye.

    In any event think about how our federal and state legislators, law enforcement, US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, federal and state judges easily allow without conscience the very CONSTITUTION they are supposed to uphold and protect be used in a manner that is totally in conflict and contrary to it’s intended CONSTITUTIONAL purpose?

    I have watched all the aforementioned for the past 9 years mistreat our UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS it is supposed to protect.

    Why would any rational thinker not believe that lawmakers would not love to put everyone on some sort of registry. Then the government could track everyone. Now you can kiss your ass and freedom goodbye – ha ha ha ha – You gotta love it!!!!