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On the Remington hit piece

Tam schools:

Complaining that a 1920s firearm may not have been drop safe when you were actively ignoring two or more of the Four Rules of firearm safety is like complaining that you drove your Ford Model A head-on into a brick wall and the airbags didn’t deploy.

11 Responses to “On the Remington hit piece”

  1. SGB Says:

    Excellent point as usual.

  2. Dann in Ohio Says:

    Tam write’s analogies that are so simple and clear… even an empty-headed… er… open-minded liberal can understand them…

    Dann in Ohio

  3. Bryan S. Says:

    I had no idea that my Sportsman 48 could kill my family and the dog I dont have by putting a round in the chamber! Egads!

  4. Laughingdog Says:

    I had pondered throwing that quote up on my Facebook page. I wish I had a tenth of the snark that she does.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Don’t care how Dangerous it is! You’ll get my 1903 Swedish Mauser when you Pry it from my Cold…. : )

    Funny how Anti-Gun Propaganda seems to be coming in from odd little corners and angles over the last few months. You’d think that there was some kind of “Grass Roots Co-Ordination” effort to destroy the Second Amendment, even though State Laws, Federal Laws, and the Supreme Court all seem to be on the Trend to expand the RKBA.

    Of course, it can’t be a Campaign Issue for the Presidency if the Incumbent isn’t supporting something like the GCA of ’68 or the Clinton Gun Bans, or other such crap. And we can be preety sure that Gun Control won’t come about as long as the Congress is Split.

    But if the Dems get Nancy back in Charge this November, and the Dems keep the Senate (with their RINO Friends help), if the Anointed One gets his Lame Duck Tour, well……

  6. TIM Says:

    Love It Tam Good Stuff.

  7. Jerry Says:


  8. nk Says:

    Some states have statutes of repose which limit the time between putting a product into commerce and an action against the manufacturer. The resellers are still liable. Be careful if you’re the seller in a private sale. It’s not horse-trading and not caveat emptor.

  9. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “We have to use every excuse we can to put capitalists out of business. If a capitalist company makes an ax and it gets used by an ax murderer, then we can sue the company out of existence because they enabled an ax murderer! It’s just common communist sense!”
    “Of course, if a state-run industry makes an item and it gets misused, then that’s okay. They can’t be sued because the things they make are, uh, necessary, and because, uh, it would be unpatriotic to sue them, and because it just wouldn’t be common communist sense to allow people to sue a communist organization. We commies take care of our own. Everybody else, we screw out of existence! Why? Common communist sense! That’s why! Ha! Ha!”

  10. Paul Rian Says:

    “complaining that you drove your Ford Model A head-on into a brick wall and the airbags didnít deploy.” Hah, hah- and yet I still know a bloke whose ’56 Chev was failed on a vehicle inspection because the power steering fluid was leaking. Presumably from an invisible power steering line.

  11. comatus Says:

    Power steering was a $92 option for the 1956 Chevrolet, not counting the cost of extra fluid. Ride a motorcycle? That stuff is like snot on glass. I’d fail it, too.