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Anti-gunners are kind of losing it. Can’t find a non-white face at the annual meeting, even though one of the speakers isn’t pasty.

Allegations that NRA is a white supremacists group.

Also, on the way in, the local radio had Colin Goddard on to dance in the blood of the VA Tech massacre turning 5. They were marching to demand that lawmakers enforce the laws on the books. Because, you know, lawmakers’ jobs are to enforce them. And he said they didn’t new laws just enforcement of prohibited person limitations and background checks. Well, Sparky, they already do that.

These people are idiots.

9 Responses to “Unhinged”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Saw tons of non-white faces.

    Many of them with guns on there hip in shiny black holsters.

  2. breda Says:


  3. Cargosquid Says:

    Um…Goddard was SHOT by a man that jumped through ALL of the hoops. Instead of gun laws, he should be protesting mental illness procedures and laws.

    What a freaking idiot.

  4. Pete Says:

    I was at the convention on Friday and Saturday and it did strike me that the crowd was much more monochrome and male-centric than the general shooting public here in STL. I’m going to blame the out-of-towners. 🙂

    But at local ranges, classes and gun shops there’s a lot of representation by people who aren’t pasty and have a penis. The attendance at the NRA show reminded me of the gun culture from 20 years ago. It definitely didn’t represent the gun culture demographic of the city it was held in.

  5. Secret Squirrel Says:

    Many of them with guns on there hip in shiny black holsters.

    I thought the convention center was a gun-free zone?

  6. Sigivald Says:

    If I thought they cared about factual accuracy in their allegations, I’d point out that “white supremacists” have historically supported gun control and “may issue” schemes precisely to keep minorities disarmed.

    (See Clayton Cramer’s classic work on the subject.)

    But I know they don’t, so I won’t bother – to them, at least.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    They are not stupid.

    People that insist that the government forcefully infantalize adults are either evil, or mentally deranged.

  8. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    @ Secret Squirrel. SLPD…

    The exhibit hall was not gun free. I think the Meeting was, but that happens in an election year.

  9. John Smith. Says:

    If all else fails racism is the only trick pony the banning turds have left.