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IDPA booming

So says Michael Bane. But the anti-gun people tell us that gun ownership is on the decline.

2 Responses to “IDPA booming”

  1. Andy Says:

    My club does a great job with IPDA, really getting it grow. My dislike of IDPA is with subjective calls and some goofy rules that really take the practical aspect out of the sport. But, if there is not steel or USPSA event that weekend, I’ll shoot IDPA.

  2. armed_partisan Says:

    This is my first and last year in IDPA. Too many stupid ass rules. Rules which have multiple interpretations. Rules which have no appeal beyond the match director, who’s will is law, meaning every range can have wildly different interpretations of the same rule. It teaches bad habits and insists it’s not training, but competition, and requires you to use non-competition gear and cover garments that meet a very exacting set of standards, because it’s not competition, it’s a reflection of real world events, like training.