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Help a gun blogger out, chicks and guns edition

Jaci from Great Satan Inc. needs your help:

Outdoor Channel is sending a contest winner to the NRA Annual Meeting and Convention in St. Louis April 12th-15th, and the lucky person gets to attend the show AND walk the convention floor with an Outdoor Channel camera crew and cover the event for them.

And how you can help:

I would be most grateful if you could mosey over to this post on the Outdoor Channel Community website and give me (Jaci) a “thumbs up”, a five-star rating and/or a supportive comment. You do need to create an account, but Outdoor Channel makes it easy to sign up for their community site with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you’ve left your comment or thumbs up, please come back here to let me know and I’ll do my best to give you and/or your blog a shout-out on camera if I win.

One Response to “Help a gun blogger out, chicks and guns edition”

  1. Jacqueline J Says:

    Thank you for spreading the word! The gun blogger community has been nothing short of awesome when it comes to helping me with this contest. Y’all rock!