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Man pulls a gun on a reporter.

13 Responses to “Idiocy”

  1. joated Says:

    Reads like he comes from a tight knit groups of idiots.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    Well, if you incest…

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    What’s the bag limit on Reporters?

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    BTW, looks like a Hi-Point. I think that says it all!

  5. ZerCool Says:

    LMAO Weerd, you beat me to it by six minutes. I was 90% sure that was a HiPoint.

    Play stupid games…

  6. Tam Says:

    A Hi-Point. This is my surprised face. 😐

  7. Kevin Baker Says:

    More evidence that criminals tend towards the far left side of the intelligence bell-curve.

  8. HerrBGone Says:

    LOL! Good one Kevin!

  9. ZerCool Says:

    They don’t even get a Bell… they get a Fisher-Price “My First Xylophone” with the soft mallets.

  10. mmasse Says:

    The size of the responding deputy sheriff is what threw me for a loop. Looks like he eats suspects instead of arrests them.

  11. Dustydog Says:

    Smart reporter, was careful to move onto the road right away, to avoid any potential for appearing to be tresspassing.

    At first, I was wondering if there might be any justification based on preventing tresspass / vandalism / robbery of an empty home, but nope.

  12. Stormy Dragon Says:

    <sarcasm>Brandon Odom was just following a suspicious person and when he went back to his truck, he totally got jumped by that camera crew. This was clearly self defense.</sarcasm>

  13. comatus Says:

    Yeah, now she’s a regular ChrisJohn Am & Pour.
    It’s war, people. Get your eyepatch on.