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March 30, 2012

As a maker of law, know the law

State Senator Campfield: I have goten a few questions on if Tennessee has a “Stand your ground” policy. As I recall I am pretty sure we do have it in Tennessee.

Yes, we do. Some details here. You even sponsored it.

We’re winning

Heh. National Gun Victims Action Council uses the same argument against open carry that pro-gun people who prefer concealed carry would use.

Reporters and money

On occasion, Maddow says something insightful and not inciteful.

Miller Time

Emily Miller discusses transporting firearms in Maryland.

Geese are pretty ornery

What caliber for goose? Not sure why, this amuses me:

Win $100 gift card

At Damage, Inc. for some AR stuff

In fast and furious news

Terry family sickened by lack of communication among agencies.

Bersa Thunder 9

Initial impressions


Taurus Judge gets all explody.

Help a gun blogger out, chicks and guns edition

Jaci from Great Satan Inc. needs your help:

Outdoor Channel is sending a contest winner to the NRA Annual Meeting and Convention in St. Louis April 12th-15th, and the lucky person gets to attend the show AND walk the convention floor with an Outdoor Channel camera crew and cover the event for them.

And how you can help:

I would be most grateful if you could mosey over to this post on the Outdoor Channel Community website and give me (Jaci) a “thumbs up”, a five-star rating and/or a supportive comment. You do need to create an account, but Outdoor Channel makes it easy to sign up for their community site with your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you’ve left your comment or thumbs up, please come back here to let me know and I’ll do my best to give you and/or your blog a shout-out on camera if I win.

Deal alert

Markdowns on hunting knives.

Zero sum, continued

Melody retorts. I don’t disagree.

In honor of five years of blogging

A hearty meh to Alan.

Funny how that works

San Fran raises their ‘living wage’ and Subway can no longer sell $5 subs.

Self reliance


Lawsuit over hearing loss at a gun range

Woman suffers hearing loss and sues the gun shop for not ensuring she had adequate hearing protection. Sounds like a case for removing the restrictions on suppressors.


A fridge magnet that lets you order pizza with one touch.

TSA at work

Prostitution, child porn and ransacking a hotel room. But they’ll keep us safe from terror!

Quiet time

Suppressors legal for hunting in AZ and TX. This trend has been spreading through states like wildfire, thanks to the NRA. But remember, the NRA hates NFA weapons, right?

Gun Porn

Curvy butt.

Charter Arms Undercover

ID this toy

Work in print

Worst gun design ever?

March 29, 2012

On comments

I get a lot. But I also get about 1,200 spam messages a day. I could go through them all but then I would never be able to blog. So, if your comment goes to spam, it’s likely deleted because I don’t want to spend time picking your insightful/inciteful comment from amongst the several other comments selling me SEO, pills to make Mr. Happy bigger, or Nigerian prince’s with $128M set aside for you. Literally, I go to spam and hit delete all every morning.

Your better bet is to shoot me an email.


Lotteries are a losing game. A tax on hope. A tax on people who can’t do math. But I broke down and bought some tickets for the $500M drawing tomorrow. After all, how often can you even enter a contest to win a half a billion?

Also, it’s kinda funny perusing the news. They’re offering strategies and best things to do as though there’s anything to do other than pick a few numbers. As though there is a strategy that will result in anything but throwing money away. My strategy: 1) had the computer generate random numbers. 2) get lucky.

Another victory

Gura wins again: A CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY IN NORTH CAROLINA, as the state’s emergency weapons-ban law is overturned.

Car blogging

Is my dream car coming? Infiniti Trademarks G35h, G30t, and G22d

I don’t really care about a G hybrid or diesel. But turbo charge me a G37 and I’ll swing by the lot tomorrow to check it out.

Also, Subaru has a new sports coupe coming, the BRZ. It looks rather like the new Toyota.

Kahr PM9 impressions

Oleg loaned me a Kahr PM9 to test out. I liked it. A nice little sized 9mm that I could pocket carry. I only got the opportunity to run 2 magazines through it. And it performed well with A zone hits at 10(ish) yards. The trigger was a little longer than I’m accustomed to but it was smooth and reset was good. If I were to pocket carry, I’d consider one.

What about the .88 magnum that shoots through schools?

‘Auction Hunters’: Ton Jones Fires The Most Powerful Handgun In The World

Because I need a smile today

A happy dog welcomes home his owner who is a soldier.

Zero sum game

Somethings are zero sum games, as in for one person to gain, another has to lose. Futures are a zero sum game, as is poker. A few things aren’t and this is the basis of the cock block theory of economics. I’m not so sure. Despite the fact there is a seemingly limitless amount of money since the feds just keep printing it, there are only so many resources. So, I don’t think the theory works so well with respect to those resources.

State takes a newborn

If this account is accurate, then I think tar and feathers are in order.

TSA full of suck and fail

A handy graphic.