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Reality TV

A guy on the show Doomsday Preppers has been declared a mental defective and had his guns seized. He went to a cardiologist and refused treatment. Said he was suicidal.

13 Responses to “Reality TV”

  1. John Richardson Says:

    Good reason not to be on a reality show.

  2. armed_partisan Says:

    And the reason I haven’t been to a doctor in seven years is….

    God forbid people who were feeling off kilter and emotionally disturbed would tell anyone or try to get help. Certainly, asking for help is a sign that you are too far gone for treatment. All of your civil rights must be, therefore, taken away. Your property seized and destroyed. Have you seen these commercials where they’re all like “You ask questions all the time! Ask your doctor questions, too!”? Well, you wanna know why people are tight lipped around their docs? This is why.

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hey, isn’t that the same guy Tam made a bunch of Snarky Comments about last summer? I remember where he was talking about how he’d defend his home, and he tried to put on Body Armor, which tended to cover about 2% of his mass.

    This also tells me Nat.Geo REALLY needs to look up the word “Vetting.”

  4. comatus Says:

    Eagleton could have been Vice-President.
    We are all Eagleton now.

  5. PT Says:

    Lol, they “starved” him by giving him a low carb diet.

    Come into my office and tell me you are suicidal and and I’m petitioning you. Sorry.

    If I don’t and you kill yourself I get sued out of business and might go to jail.

    I believe that there is more to his story than he admits. Refusing treatment and expressing not wanting to live attached to a machine is NOT going to get you petitioned into the psych ward. He must have said a bit more than his video said he did.

  6. Jailer Says:

    I guess the “my body my choice” argument only works if your a woman.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    PT: he appeared on TV as a prepper. A big OPSEC mistake for a prepper, but he did it.

    That would be enough for some gun fearing wussie to find an excuse to disarm him.

    It ain’t about “suicide”, it’s about anti-gun bigotry.

  8. Bill Says:

    PT, he actually said he was on a low carb diet and that they only gave him high carb foods. I believe he has been trying get his insurance company to pay for a gastic surgery with no luck. As to his mental capacity, appearing on that show was more probably a sign of stupidity than imbalance. And as far as I know, stupidity is not illegal ask VP Joe.

  9. Steve Says:

    Pardon me, whilst I go completely underground.

  10. Divemedic Says:

    There has to be more to this story than this. It isn’t that easy to have that done to you. I have worked in health care for 23 years, and I can tell you that it isn’t easy to have a patient declared incompetent. In order to be declared mentally defective and have your rights taken away, there must be a court hearing where you sit in front of a judge and are declared incompetent after a hearing where you can call witnesses and have an attorney.

    This is not simply done on a doctor’s say-so. He is only telling half the story.

  11. CharlesinAtl Says:

    I’m a lawyer in Georgia. Although this is not my area, I do understand that a civil commitment can be accomplished for a relatively short time (with just a doctor’s attestation. this might be 48 hours, 72 hours, or whatever time state law sets out. A Court must be involved to hold a person against their will for a longer period of time. The reason for this two phase process is that if a person says they are suicidal on a Friday night (for instance), it doesn’t make any sense to send them home until a full due process hearing can be noticed and arranged on Monday.

  12. Justin Buist Says:

    If you were suicidal why would you even go to a cardiologist?

  13. RinTex Says:

    Justin has the best comment. See this interview of what Nat Geo did to Megan the girl in Houston.