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I mentioned in this post the lack of trigger discipline in a gun magazine from 1956. And, via Mike, seems we have come a long way in gun safety:

Suck it, Sugarmann

I’d say it’s the result of more widespread info with respect to gun safety.

5 Responses to “Trending”

  1. mikee Says:

    Whatever they were doing 1904 to 1909, it worked. The accident rates hit a low not seen again for three decades!

  2. comatus Says:

    That’s the first thing that struck me, too. It coincides with the popularity of semi-auto pocket pistols, hmmm. Also, though, with the phase-out of black powder, hmmm. In a truly inquisitive academic environment, there would be a thesis or two available in this field.

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Be Careful! Why, if I was a member of the Brady Bunch, I could point to the Passage of every piece of Gun Control Legislation on that Graph and say “See! The less Guns that are available, the less Accidents that Occur! Why, if we just Ban and Confiscate ALL Guns from the hands of Private Citizens, why, the AD Rate wouldn’t even exist!”

    That is, if anyone other than their Political Cronies actually listened to them…..

  4. somejerk Says:

    For perspective, add a line showing gun ownership rates. I suspect the ownership rates have dropped exactly the same.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    I can see how you’d think that if you were retarded.