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Watching the watchmen

Cop caught on video planting evidence.

6 Responses to “Watching the watchmen”

  1. Calm Gun Says:

    Impossible. Only crooks plant evidence….oh, wait.

  2. Matt in AZ Says:

    Police corruption is the best it’s ever been!

  3. John Smith. Says:

    There is a full video about 30 minutes long that shows more bags of dope being found. It does make one wonder what they cop was doing with the baggy doesn’t it…

  4. junyo Says:

    I find a good old fashioned evidence planting to be a refreshing amount of effort put in by the officer, as a opposed to a flat out random arrest/beating/shooting. At least this officer is trying to justify the right violation. That ought to count for something, amiright?

  5. Paul Says:

    And we wonder how many people are n prison that are innocent.

    But alot more than we think.

  6. Adam Says:

    As an update, it looks like the snippet was part of a larger 30 minute video which shows the officer find that bag on the driver:

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