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ATF and gunwalker

Gunwalker exposed: not a law enforcement operation, but something far worse from Bob Owens.

3 Responses to “ATF and gunwalker”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I still think that Fast and Furious went WAY beyond being just a Scam to bring about Gun Control. Of course, if Nancy still ran the House, there’d be a Push for Gun Control using F+F as the Cover Story, but something tells me that someone in this Admin picked a Drug Cartel to support, taking ADVANTAGE of F+F. Not saying Obama or even Holder knew about it, but it wouldn’t be the first time in American History Crooks used the Gooberment to further their own aims. TeaPot Dome and Agnew’s Kickbacks come to mind right off the top of my head, for example.

  2. Mike Vanderboegh Says:

    An old post, put still true. Bob has done yeoman work in getting the truth of this scandal out.

  3. chris Says:

    I watched part of a documentary on Current Television (channel 107 here in Knoxpatch) which was obviously shot earlier this year (it was dated 2011, but it had to have pre-dated the exposure of F & F).

    The story followed the utterly predictable line which demonstrated how many Mexicans are killed with weapons purchased in the US under the “gun show loophole”.

    The ATF agent showed the producer how he could buy any kind of gun he wanted and literally walk it over the border to the cartels.

    He showed a beautiful Browning 1919 belt fed machine gun (don’t know if it was full auto, but you can (and I hope to) buy really nice ones in semi-auto made by Ohio Ordnance.

    The notion that Current Television is so obtuse as to continue running this agitprop after the revelation of F & F is comical.

    And the ATF agent, who led the procuder around by the nose using him as a mouthpiece for the ATF and ultimately for the Obama Administration for justification for an AWB via Executive Order, had to have been knee-deep in perpetrating the F & F operation at that same time.