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Horrible excuse for a human being

Thedala Magee, the TSA agent who groped Amy Alkon, is suing Alkon because she (Magee) suffered emotional distress because Alkon blogged about it.

Their thuggery has exceeded the airport screening area.

3 Responses to “Horrible excuse for a human being”

  1. chris Says:

    This is precisely why we have juries and it also reflects why we need “loser pays the costs of litigation” legislation.

  2. David Garrett Jr. Says:

    I got several citations at one stop and blogged about it. The KPD officer brought in a copy to city court and complained to the judge that I called him an asshole. The judge explained that it wasn’t a crime.

  3. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Says:

    Stupidity standing on stilts with a flashing neon sign saying ‘Lookit me!!!!’

    Jesus Christ TSA. You honestly allowed this…wait they would.

    -here’s a facepalm montage-