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We must ban the mail

Seems the Norway shooter bought his standard capacity magazines from US vendors and they were mailed to him. And, to draw a parallel, they have to lie about it.

Next thing you know, ATF will be smuggling guns there.

5 Responses to “We must ban the mail”

  1. RWC Says:

    OT – Well, there goes any desire for the Rhino.

  2. Gerry Says:

    Anything firearms related comes under the ITAR restrictions (International Treaty on Arms Reduction). I had to take a review course every year for work.

    If you ship anything without an export license and your
    looking at a very stiff fine and maybe jail time.

    They will never find out is going to bite somebody in the ass big time.

  3. Stranger Says:

    Dagbladet says a Norwegian police and defense department supplier sold four 30 round magazines and a magazine loader for a Glock to Breivik. The police have not stated what gun or guns Breivik used, so we cannot be sure whether he used a Glock or not.


  4. Tam Says:

    They have stated that he owned a Mini-14 and a G-lock.

  5. Ron W Says:

    Well just like they (Sec of St Clinton, Atty Gen Holder) have asserted re: Mexico, I suppose the Norweigan mass-murderer must be the fault ofthe 2nd Amendment and U.S. citizens exercising their RKBA.