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The gun control tour

Plaxico Burress will attend some Brady Campaign press release. Because what better spokesperson for gun control than a guy show shot himself while breaking the law and carrying a gun in an unsafe manner?

7 Responses to “The gun control tour”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Better yet, Plaxico was likely imitating “Gangsta” style of life where the gun wasn’t for his self protection, but a bade of authority, and in the case of street thugs in NYC a tool to be used for violent assault.

    Super Classy! Brady is pro-criminal!

  2. Tom O'B Says:

    Let us all remember Plaxico with this video (funny)

  3. Ron W Says:

    You know they sometimes wear the “throwback” uniforms. I suppose Plaxico can be a spokesman for throwback times when black men were denied the right to keep and carry arms for self-defense…one of the reasonsings of the 1857 SCOTUS decision to keep black people as non-persons and subject to slavery.

  4. Justin Buist Says:

    Didn’t he do a press release with them a little while ago? The pre-announcement was on the gun blogs but when I went to see what the news coverage actually was after it happened there wasn’t anything.

    I wonder if this venture will even make the press.

  5. 45er Says:


    Well, the good news is this kind of things makes it so easy to shoot holes in their issue. I could tear this event up and down with no prep ahead of time.

  6. That Guy Says:

    ….Seriously? You want THAT person on your side?….

  7. Lila Williams Says:

    Fabulous! An idiot representing an ill informed concept. He will fit right in!!