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Best they got

Dear Republicans, I know it’s early and all. But the people making noises to run on your ticket are unappealing.

Huckabee? Really. I’ll stay home. Don’t need the God Squad indoctrinating me at gun point.

Donald Trump? Uhm, here’s a guy who bankrupted a casino. A fucking casino. How do you do that?

Palin. Damaged goods. Sorry.

Newt: The best one, so far. But he’s tainted too.

Romney: May as well vote for Obama.

Work on it.

55 Responses to “Best they got”

  1. Ron W Says:

    How about a Republican who adheres to “the guarantee of a republican form of government” as defined by the wording of the Constitution–as read objectively by the rules of English grammar and who will also actually “protect the States against invasion”; both quotations being from Article IV, Section 4.

    End the treason!

  2. Sean Braisted Says:

    What about Bachmann or Pawlenty?

  3. Muhr Says:

    Yep, lets go with the guy who cheats on his wife and appears in commercials with Nancy Pelosi endorsing global warming.

  4. aczarnowski Says:

    Bachmann and Pawlenty are also damaged goods from this MN resident’s perspective. Michele doesn’t know when to shut up or stop fawning and Tim only talks a good fiscal game.

    Of the current GOP crop I’d vote Pawlenty if only because of the saying about the devil you know. The way things are starting to shape up, I’ll probably steel votes from somebody and go third party though.

  5. BlueWaters Says:

    Ron Paul!!!

  6. Freiheit Says:

    GOP unappealing? How about you brush the tats out of your wookie suit and vote LP?

  7. D2k Says:

    >Donald Trump? Uhm, here’s a guy who bankrupted a casino. A fucking casino. How do you do that?

    Actually that was a rather evil bit of brilliance, it kept him from actually having to pay for the building.

  8. Justin Buist Says:

    Bachmann?! The only person in this country that’s said more crazy shit in front of a camera than her is Charlie Sheen.

  9. Pathfinder Says:

    OK, here’s an idea for everyone who’s posted so far. Let’s just hand the election to bho, since none of the candidates are at all palatable to you wankers, and let him have another 4 years?

    Sound better?

    Wankers!!! Get over your damn selves and find a way to accept the weaknesses in all of us – including the candidates – and get behind someone in force, else we WILL have bho for another 4 years!

  10. John Smith. Says:

    Try Herman Cain….

  11. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Got to say it would be cool to one up the Dems and have a Repub be the first black president with Cain.

  12. kbiel Says:

    If only your former senator, The Fred, would enter again and not wait until the last minute as he did the last time.

  13. Glen Says:

    Ryan-Rubio 2012.

  14. Phelps Says:

    Insane Cain? Pass.

    No way Rand Paul is jumping into that meat grinder. I think he has his eyes set on 2020. All the people I liked — Fred!, Sarah, etc — are too damaged now.

    I’m holding out for a surprise entry by Perry or Jindal.

  15. boB m Says:

    How about the third party?
    -and an economist, not a lawyer.

  16. Dan Says:

    Bah. I’d vote for Donald Duck if he is the candidate opposing Obama.

  17. Nomen Nescio Says:

    Wankers!!! Get over your damn selves and find a way to accept the weaknesses in all of us – including the candidates – and get behind someone in force, else we WILL have bho for another 4 years!

    huh, that’s odd, that sounds familiar… where have i heard that general kind of argument before…

    oh yeah, that’s the basic approach democrats use to try and convince me to vote for obama. “never mind his faults and his pandering to big money interests and the republicans; get behind him and vote for him, or else you’ll have a republican in the white house again!!!eleven!”

    right down to the insults against people who don’t vote for their lizard in spite of his flaws. all you’re really missing is the blaming people for pick-any-famous-loss your side has suffered in living memory, and you’d be their mirror image.

    …no, i didn’t vote for Nader in 2000; i wasn’t a citizen then, yet. but i would have, because the way that campaign was run, i genuinely didn’t see much difference between the two parties at the time.

    some democrats would never let me live down an admission like that, harping on and ON about how “eight years of bush taught you better than THAT, huh?” and how that’s such a good reason to vote for their lizard forevermore, lest the wrong lizard win ever again.

    comes now obama, and i’m not convinced i didn’t have the right understanding way back in 2000 already. if there’s a difference between him and a republican, i can’t see it. he’s governing to the right of Nixon, for crying out fuck’s sake! he does not represent my interests nor does he support the political positions i favor — he’s much too far to the right for that — so why should i NOT vote for a Kuchinich or a Nader come 2012?

    and of course, the exact mirror image of these arguments i’m making may or may not apply to any of you individual folks, here, too. let me close with a quote from a far smarter and greater man than i’ll ever be: “i’d rather vote for what i do want and not get it, than vote for what i don’t want and get it.”

  18. bill Says:

    You are allowing your opponents (the liberals in the main stream media, and the democrats) to decide who is an “acceptable” candidate.

    The REASON that Palin and Newt are “Tainted” is because the left has seen their actions, and decided that they are to dangerous to tell the truth (or at least the whole truth) about.

    Who is it that has “tainted” Newt? What exactly did he say or do that was so bad? He has been the target of a smear campaign, and your statement is evidence that it has WORKED. Ditto for Palin.

    The left would have been happy with McCain, which shows you how just conservative he is. It seems like every bad idea out of Washington is co-sponsored by that guy.

    I will vote against Obama, regardless of the candidate. I held my nose and voted for McCain. I can vote for Palin or Newt with enthusiasm. Even Romney doesn’t stink too bad. Huckabee is easy to vote for, if the Dem’s run Obama. Trump is only a bit harder, but the man knows how to negotiate with unions, so how hard can it be to handle Korea?

    It doesn’t matter who we run, the lefties will hate him. Taking electoral advice from them is a sure road to defeat. The only opposition candidate they like is one who endorses their candidate.

  19. Joe-D Says:

    Seriously guys, Ron Paul is more Republican than any other candidate mentioned here…including Rand.

    Are some of his ideas scary, yes, but this is a BIG ship and it takes a lot to turn it…. right now we need it turned over hard to starboard.

  20. Chris L. Says:

    Former NM Governor Garry Johnson. Just a name to throw out there.

  21. BlueWaters Says:

    Ron Paul and Palin, to a lesser extent, maybe (based on her AK record), might be the only two we can actually trust to start dismantling this beast of a govt.

  22. John Smith. Says:

    I would take Cain simply because he WORKED his way to the top. Not had it given to him… When is the last time we have had a president who has actually done manual labor successfully…. Plus he really is a black man. Not a white guy with a permanent tan… Call me crazy but I have always had a less callous spot on my calloused heart for people who work their way up. Always liked the Mustangs….

  23. Heather Says:

    I’d take Palin, just for the heart attacks it would inspire among the brainwashed. The media did do a good job there, from a lefty POV. I know a bunch of people who actually think Palin was the one to make the comment about seeing Russia from her house.

  24. dustydog Says:

    The rule of presidential elections is simple: the most attractive person wins the independents and therefore wins the election.

    Obama > Hillary or McCain. Just picking Palin as a VP candidate almost pulled it out for McCain; he had to work hard to self-immolate.
    Bush > Kerry or Gore
    Clinton > Dole or Bush
    Bush > Dukakis
    Regan > Carter and Mondale

    If the Republicans want to win in 2012, they need a hot woman, preferably one who is currently a governor or at least a senator. Somebody elected in 2010 will be fine.

  25. Paul B Says:

    My vote it for Palin. They said much of the same things about ol uncle ronny when he ran and he did pretty well in my book.

    I don’t care if she said she could see russia or not from her door. What I have seen of her unscripted is that she is the best of any we have to run with.

  26. Snackeater Says:

    Sarahu Akbar!!

  27. Pathfinder Says:

    @nomen –

    A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    If freedom-loving Bible- and gun-clinging bitter people in this country continue to pick apart every candidate simply because the leftists have “tainted” them, then we have lost. And you will have helped.

  28. Dave Says:

    Uncle, what is wrong with Romney?

  29. John Farrier Says:

    Dream candidate: Ace from Ace of Spades HQ. His candidacy/presidency would be awesome.

  30. Country boy stuck inside-the-Beltway Says:

    I’m with Uncle on this one. The current line-up of Republican contenders doesn’t give me a lot of confidence.
    I’d love it if Newt, Palin or one of the Pauls were elected, but you have to understand that you can’t win the general election without getting the votes of a fair number of people who don’t pay much attention to the race or decide on a candidate until the last few weeks before election day. Those folks will form their views based on what they see in the mainstream media, and the mainstream media will be doing everything in their power to paint the Republican candidate as a heartless, know-nothing, wingnut. (Heather nailed it with her comment about Palin; people believed it was her, not Tina Fey, who said she could see Russia from her house.) If a Republican candidate has any tendency or history that makes them look a little out-of-kilter or hypocritical, it will be fully exploited.
    Although I’m not jazzed about him, Pawlenty so far looks like the most plausible contender without an obvious weakness (at least to me).

  31. **** Says:

    Ran Paul. Seriously, every week he seems more and more serious and statesman like…

  32. Nomen Nescio Says:

    If freedom-loving Bible- and gun-clinging bitter people in this country continue to pick apart every candidate simply because the leftists have “tainted” them, then we have lost. And you will have helped.

    i’d be happy to help with that, pathfinder. you may recall, i’m the token gun-nutty socialist commenting on these here blogs… i just want a real LEFTIST to win, not a right-leaning conservative like obama.

  33. HardC0rps Says:

    Ron Paul and Chris Christie.

  34. Red_Ramage Says:

    I’m hoping one of the Pauls runs. If we can elect a no-experience community organizer as POTUS, Rand has enough experience. Anybody who suggests cutting both the dep’t of energy and war spending is serious about budgeting.

  35. Jay G. Says:

    What’s wrong with Romney??? Are you serious?

    Just off the top of my head, how about setting in motion the mandatory health care requirement in MA that Øbama modeled ØbamaCare after?

    Signing a permanent extension of the Assault Weapons Ban into law in MA?

    Sure, his fiscal policies are better than Øbama’s, but that’s like saying getting shot in the head with a .308 is better than being shot in the head with a .50 BMG…

  36. Tam Says:

    Bachmann?! The only person in this country that’s said more crazy shit in front of a camera than her is Charlie Sheen.

    I just thought that was worth repeating. Carry on.

  37. Robert Says:

    So far I like Gary Johnson, but not sure how much support he’d get. He’s done well in some straw polls.

  38. Bruiser Says:

    We really are toast, aren’t we?

  39. chris Says:

    I agree with Unc completely.

    What do you expect from the party which gave us Bob Dole in 1996, GWB in 2004 and John McCain in 2008?

    Either of the Paul boys looks good to me.

    I voted for Ron in the meaningless primary in 2008.

  40. Blackwing1 Says:

    Aczarnowski is correct about Pawlenty…Minnesnowta has had plenty of experience with the spineless RINO. He did nothing to prevent the expansion of the state spending, or to throttle back any of the government agencies destroying the productivity of this state.

    As for the rest of the stable of RINOs, there’s not a single one of the “viable” candidates that isn’t simply representing the other wing of the Demo-Publican party. I don’t care if a collectivist is from the Marxist-Socialist wing (the Dem-wing) or from the National-Socialist side (Rep-wing). They’re a pack of collectivist, statist, power-hungry asshats who think that they know better how to “run” a country, economy, and the personal lives of what used to be citizens than the individuals themselves do.

  41. Ian Argent Says:

    Dirty, can’t go for a Senator unless he had significant executive experience prior to his senate service. Much less a Representative. I want to see governmental exec experience as well; governor, field or flag grade military and the like. The government is different from the private sector – as John Corzine proved.
    Also, in politics as in war, perfect is the enemy of good. A “good enough” candidate who is running is better than a perfect candidate who is not.

  42. Lance R. Peak Says:

    Rice/Powell 2012

  43. ZacharyR Says:

    I’ve been thinking that, even though he said “no” so far, Paul Ryan _should_ be tapped for Prez with Michelle Bachman as VP. I guess that’s my dream ticket for the time being…

  44. SouthPawByNW Says:

    What I find amusing is that a Donald Trump 2012 ad is now appearing on this page for me. That in itself is classic.

  45. OHIO SHAWN Says:

    How about Rep. Paul Ryan?

  46. Heather Says:

    “Rice/Powell 2012″

    I’d vote for that!

  47. Cargosquid Says:

    Why is Cain “insane?”

    How about Rep. Alan West? Sure, he’s new to Congress, but then, so was the current office holder. And West has executive experience….in spades. He knows how to make hard decisions.

  48. Texas Jack Says:

    Uncle’s right, the current crowd is a bit slim. Oh, I’ll pull the “R” tab just like I have since Goldwater, but like my brother says, “I’d vote for the devil before I’d vote for Obama!” Unfortunately, most of the good candidates won’t be ready to run before ’16 or maybe ’20. I might be still here for ’16, but ’20 is a slim hope at best (I remember WW II).

    Don’t expect it, but Rick Perry wouldn’t be bad. Only problem is Texan – democrat – Texan – democrat – Texan. Folks might be getting just a mite tired of us and not want that third Texan. Maybe as second on a ticket?

    I like Sarah, but at this point, just about everybody either likes her or hates her. There’s no neutrals to persuade. Ryan is looking good on his budget ideas, and Bachmann just plain looks good. Rubio and Jindal are not ready yet. I don’t know enough about Rand Paul. He might be OK, but his daddy is a little bit of an embarassment to a lot of Texans. The rest of the bunch are pretty much the same old same old.

  49. Kevin Baker Says:

    Just one more example of, as somebody once said, that the Democrats and Republicans are just the left and right wings of the Federal bird of prey.

    And you know who it is that feeds that bird.

  50. perlhaqr Says:

    Gary Johnson!

  51. Rivrdog Says:

    Alfred E. Neumann

  52. Alaskan Says:

    I’d vote for Palin again.
    During her term,she gave all Alaskans a $1,200 stimulus check from Alaska’s own.

    Alaska..we got $10Billion in the state savings account.
    we stand to make 3rd of that this year.

    How many know why Palin actually quit? Not was the mainstream media says?

    “Read the full AP report, and you’ll note nowhere in the article does it mention the Alaska law allowing these complaints to be filed for just about any reason. There have been three additional complaints filed since Palin announced she was leaving office on July 3, and state taxpayers will have to pay thousands and thousands to answer charges.

    The state tab for covering the costs of complaints filed by both Republicans and Democrats is upwards of $2 million and the Palin family has more than $500,000 in legal bills.”

    $2Million. How many guns or how many gallons of gas (almost 9 at today’s prices) would that get?

  53. Fûz Says:

    Dick Armey?

    I’d like to see The Fred run again. Palin is more valuable as flypaper for the Left.

    Newt is too impressed with his own intelligence.

    Steve Forbes?

  54. Ed Foster Says:

    I have to look at my kids here. College educated middle class people in their 20’s and 30’s, perhaps a bit brighter and more successful than most, and folks listen to them.

    They would vote for someone like Pawlenty, but think Sarah, Newt, and Romney are ludicrous. I disagree about Sarah, and Newt has a great responsibility as the intellectual power behind the throne, but we’re losing an entire generation of basically apolitical, moderately libertarian (with a small l) people who thing unions are as silly as big government.

    It doesn’t matter that Pawlenty is at best a center-right politician. He doesn’t have any long term baggage, and could go with the conservative flow.

    Powell? A slight disconnect with reality there. A C student in a mediocre community college who finished dead last in OCS at Benning but got a markup with the “7.62 pencil” because of his race.

    A man who wrote himself a decoration for “helping a soldier out of a crashed helicopter before it burst into flames”, although it was only an autorotation with no fire at all.

    A soldier who never fired an angry shot, but who again wrote himself a purple heart for a pungi stick he supposedly stepped on during an inspection tour.

    A man whose only political comment while in uniform was a defense of taking from the rich to help the poor, and who went on record with the statement Schwartzkopf was wrong, and we should never invade Iraq, simpy quarentine them for 2 or 3 years.

    Considering that they were probably no more than 2 years away from an atomic bomb (Al Baradei’s estimate at the U.N.), it would have resulted in radioactive comtamination of much of the world’s oil production facilities as well as most of the U.S. military.

    The Republican equivalent of Barack Obama, an empty headed totem Peter-Principled well above his level of competence, which would be something like night manager of a McDonalds. I doubt he could handle the morning rush.

  55. Ed Foster Says:

    So, since I got here by reading Tam’s blog mentioning Ron Paul (I kinda like his son Rand), I went to Wiki for a full reading on Paul Senior.

    Frighteningly, I agree with him on about 80% of everything he’s ever stated (the continual Wiki rewrite favors him this week), but I still think of him as an anti-semetic, isolationist butthead who jumps before he thinks. He’s also way too much in love with the idea of a third party, total suicide for America.

    Here in the U.S., we have at least the possibility of a well contested primary to allow the people to get a say. Create a third party and you hand the election to the Democrats, most of whom march in mindless lockstep behind anyone anointed by the party bosses.

    Create a fourth and fifth party and you get coalitions and ever shifting voting blocks like the Europeans, a certain guarantee of ever bigger government.

    An elephant is a mouse designed by a committee. Everyone wants his part to be bigger, and they get it if someone wants to keep the coalition alive.

    Even many of the things Paul has said that I agree with should never have seen the light of day, at least in public. Not now, and perhaps not for a long time.

    He strikes me as a socially clueless man who “keeps his own council”, to the point of venturing close to the line of rediculous.

    Again, we lose an entire generation of moderately conservative people just moving into their best earning years. Let Pawlenty move discretely to the right and start working the Gen.Xers with simple facts and figures showing them the misery they’re inheriting and watch the smiles on the Teabaggers faces come election day.

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