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Shoot out caught on tape

In Nashville. A lot of WTF in that one.

22 Responses to “Shoot out caught on tape”

  1. Jim Says:

    Somebody buy that man some shooting lessons.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    He spent 7 years in the Iraqi Army. No wonder we won.

  3. MrSatyre Says:

    @ wizardpc: Maybe so, but let’s not forget that every armed forces branch of every country has paper-pushers who never see combat, let alone consistent and correct training. Why we don’t hire civilians to do civilians’ work, but instead give desk jockeys uniforms replete with rank and “authority” is beyond me.

  4. Matthew Carberry Says:

    I dunno, his technique seems about par with most video I’ve seen of Iraqi shooters. ūüėČ

    Still, good on him to put up resistance, except for the “firing blindly over the counter where his employee was” part.

    That’s a training issue, he obviously has the heart.

  5. eli Says:

    This dude obviously had resolve to overcome the lack of presence of mind. The first thing he did once he got his mitt on the gun was accidentally eject the magazine. He then picks it up, re-inserts it, racks the slide, and starts shooting in any direction away from himself. Multiple fails, sure. Lucky? Definately. Done living helplessly in the land of opportunity, hell yeah! And he lives to learn from his experience.

  6. divemedic Says:

    Marksmanship on par with average cop.

  7. Kevin Highland Says:

    Sight Picture, Sight Picture, Sight Picture. Good for refusing to be a victim

  8. clamp Says:

    Todd Jarrett would be proud.

    Like a monkey with a razor blade.

  9. Matt H Says:

    Good on for the guy defending himself but this was a poor shoot IMO. I saw at least 2 shots going out the door AFTER the guys had left. He was also blindly pulling the trigger and firing over the shelves without any sort of sight picture. The other employee could have easily been shot.

    Either way, glad to see another armed response ending well for the victim and poor the bad guys.

  10. Standard Mischief Says:

    No shots by the bad guys? Did they forget, have fake guns, or forgot to buy ammo?

  11. Standard Mischief Says:

    Maybe one shot by the red shirt?

    The outside camera in the beginning must be IR sensitive, the clothing colors do not match at all.

  12. Robert Says:

    Slap leather, you polecats!

  13. Paul B Says:

    Interesting. I would have expected the store guy to get shot when he went down with the robber the first time. Must have been some fail there.

    If in stress, he should have made sure of his target before unloading, but it looks like things worked out well.

  14. Martini Says:

    insha’Allah school of gunfighting.

  15. John Smith. Says:

    Classic iraqi spray and pray precision shooting.

  16. Robert Says:

    One of the better quality videos I’ve seen. Most of them are for crap cause they use the cheapest radio shack stuff they can buy.

  17. OHIO SHAWN Says:

    3rd time hes been robbed ‘eh? Remind me to avoid his store when I need a snack….
    as for his shooting..meh..I’ve seen worse at my local range.

  18. Paul Says:

    Now for those who say we should what shootout videos and see what works on the street…. well if YOU want to use that as your technique I say go ahead.

    But I’ll AIM.

    Alot of what you see on the street is amateur .vs. amateur and it is junk. Yes he shot one handedÖ yes he didnít use his sights.. but hey, that donít mean itís the right way to do it.

  19. Matt in AZ Says:

    I beleive that this is a good example of suppressive fire.

  20. HL Says:

    I say cut the guy some slack. He was trying to keep his head down while TWO men fired back at him at head level.

    I’m sure I’m not the only who has replied to this thread that has been robbed at gunpoint, but for those who haven’t…let me tell ya. It all goes out the window when you look up and there is a gun barrel pointed at your face.

    I found out when the guy later self-terminated that it was a .357 pointed at mine, and I swore at the time it was some kind of .88 Caliber that Danny Vermin would use to shoot through schools.

  21. Glenn B Says:

    “Marksmanship on par with average cop.” FYA.

  22. hillbilly Says:

    If you youtube lots of other “shoot out” videos, you’ll see this is a pretty common response when somebody is trying to kill you.

    People get scared. Technique goes away, and instinct takes over.

    Look for the video of Chevy and Cheyne Kehoe against the Ohio State Troopers for another example. Eighteen rounds exchanged at the length of an SUV, and nobody gets hit at all.

    In this case, the good guys lived, and the bad guys ran off. Good outcome, I say.