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In my post below, I decided to count the ammo just in my bedroom that is ready to go (i.e, in magazines or chambers):

45ACP 117
380 19
9MM 52
Total 188

Ok, then.


4 guns
3 lasers
12 magazines
7 holsters

20 Responses to “Math”

  1. Skullz Says:

    There are no rifle calibers or shotgun loads listed.

    Ammo readiness fail.

  2. John Says:

    .45ACP 37
    9mm 45
    .223 60 (Federal TRU jhps)
    12ga 18 (8 in the tube + 1 on the carrier + 9rd side saddle)
    .270 10 (lacking a safe, I keep it in the closet. Mags “just happen” to be loaded.)

    Total 170 in 10 box mags and one tube. Just one holster and one light/laser mounted on the shotgun (’cause holding a Surefire with a long gun is hard)

    This does not count the other 180 rds of practice .223 that I store in mags in the basement.

    You win, Uncle.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Dude, you really need some ammo.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    wow, it’s like 2/3rds of my commentators can’t read one post down.

    This is me rolling my eyes.

  5. Skullz Says:

    …and to follow up on what is ready to go in my room (this includes my wife’s stuff)

    .357Sig 40
    45ACP 63
    40S&W 21
    .357Mag 5
    9mm 126
    .380 12
    5.56 60
    12G 8

    Total 335

    The handgun calibers change by +1 or -1 depending on what I am carrying that day.

  6. mikeSilver Says:

    From the New York Times

    “The size and scope of this arsenal is troubling,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas M. Clinton commenting about inventory posted on the blog, SayUncle. “But even more so”, he added, “was that the defendant stored these items in complete disregard for public safety in his bedroom, where potentially he had sex or at least self-enjoyed himself like the ATF guys do all the time.”

  7. Jim W Says:

    7.62×39 400, mix of 40 round RPK mags and drums in a load bearing vest
    45 acp 300, all grease gun magazines in 2 mag pouches
    12 gauge 65, bunch of 10 rounders, a 5 rounder and a drum, sorta stuffed into a 50 cal can
    40 S&W, 380 acp, 22LR etc under 50 each, misc carry guns with mags and spares

  8. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Hellz, I gots a bunch of 5.56 but the rifle to fire them, won’t, what with the extractor problem it’s having. I’ll have to fall back on all the pistols until I get that fixed. I should be fine.

  9. Jim W Says:

    Oh, in the bedroom. Ok, I guess just 30 rounds of 45 acp. The rest is in the gun room 10 yards away.

  10. jefferson101 Says:

    You’ve got me beat on pistol ammo.

    I’ve got 76 rounds of .45 ACP, 47 rounds of 9mm Para, and 33 rounds of 9×18 Makarov in the bedroom. But I’ve also got a Mossy 500 in there, and an AK Clone. We won’t mention the drum for the AK, or the 4 forty round mags and 4 thirty round mags.

    I think that the Sig Mosquito is in there, too, full and with a backup mag. But we won’t pick stuff out of the pepper that way. If I’ve used up the 7.62×39, I don’t figure that the .22 LR is going to be of much use any more.

  11. Ron W Says:


    Once upon a time the so-called “liberal” types wanted to keep the government outta our bedrooms. But I guess when it comes to choosing the means of defending our own bodies from “undocumented” guests the “public safety” trumps that right?

  12. SPQR Says:

    Is joke, is not safe.

  13. Skip Says:

    .357 here at the laptop=6 in, six ready.
    .45 on my side of the rack=9 in, 8 ready.
    9mm on her side= 15 in, 15 ready.
    12ga in a secret 870= 10 mixed.
    .22lr next to my chair= 11 in, 20 ready.

  14. Jailer Says:

    In the bedroom, 8 rounds of 00 buck to get me to the safe in the next room. I’m not tellin how much is ready to go there….. 😉

  15. Ron W Says:


    I’ve got 5 rds in my Mossberg 500 in the bedroom with #4 shot. Some self-defense info I’ve run across recommends #4 shot for in-house defense, so as to not over penetrate walls (which 00 would do) where a family member is in another room. But at relatively close range, #4 would be devastating to some perp who’s getting, not what he wants, but what he needs.

  16. John Says:

    Ammo kept in mags? Here’s my list:

    10 .22LR

  17. clamp Says:

    6 Daisy chained homemade claymores made out of discarded ice cream boxes and ball bearings. Blow tube full of weapons grade anthrax. A pitbull trained my Michael Vic. And a 9 iron.

  18. clamp Says:

    Excuse the typos. Fumes from the meth lab make it hard to see.

  19. Beaumont Says:

    .45 ACP – 1,263 rounds
    .38 Sp – 1,645
    .357 M – 730
    12 ga. – 82
    5.56 – 140

    For those who haven’t guessed by now, the primary storage area for the first 3 calibers is under the bed. Methinks I win this round (so to speak).

  20. TomcatsHanger Says:

    in my bed room? from memory:
    45acp 171
    9mm 66

    120 of the .45 is for a suppressed carbine.

    I have 600 some odd rounds of 5.56 sitting in PMags, but not in the bed room. Also more .45 and 9mm.

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