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Good use for Apple products


9 Responses to “Good use for Apple products”

  1. ViolentIndifference Says:

    That is so incredibly edgy and hip. And by edgy and hip I mean stupid and a complete waste of my time. (And a waste of the grant money taken from my pocket.)

  2. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    You need a warning label on this post. So Alan doesn’t look.

  3. Davidwhitewolf Says:


  4. Sigivald Says:

    Violent: What do you mean?

    I see no evidence there, or on this website, that he got any public money at all.

    (Which is good, since grants for art are almost always a waste, and always none of the State’s business.)

    He’s probably going to make money on it, overall, selling the prints, I suspect.

  5. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Sig: This is the internet. I don’t need facts to back up my violent rhetoric.

    And I can be rather loose with my snark, thankyouverymuch.

  6. Sigivald Says:

    Oh, I wasn’t disagreeing with the mockery of how hip and edgy it was.

    But it’s evidently privately-funded “hip and edgy”, so I’m inclined to let it be.

  7. guy Says:

    ViolentIndifference’s hate filled rants(and the fact that Steve Jobs just sent me a HUGE campaign contribution) are why the .gov needs to regulate the internet.

    Seriously though I’m conflicted. As an apple hater I like that this guy is stomping the hell out of their products. But as a kind-of-human I’m thinking this guy is being a real dick to his kids – and at the same time paying apple shareholders.

  8. Beaumont Says:

    Would it be “art” if one destroyed someone else’s Apple products?

  9. ViolentIndifference Says:

    You guys make my day. (Go ahead.)

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