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Life of a barrel: About 6 seconds

Interesting measure.

But something we’ve talked about before.

4 Responses to “Life of a barrel: About 6 seconds”

  1. Mr. B Says:

    Most of the wear is the “sandblasting” by the powder, especially unburned powder. THis is what Gibbs was trying to prevent with his cartridges and their insane tubes that made the powder burn from the “top” of the cartidge, rather than from the “bottom”

  2. comatus Says:

    Sounds like some cynical collegians discussing their love lives.

  3. mikee Says:

    My Mosin barrel life is now approximately 93 years – but one day of corrosive residue left in the bore after it was fired is likely the cause of most of the erosion there.

  4. nk Says:

    Hmm. I’ve always been more wary of chamber throat erosion, which is why I avoid the hot cartridges, than unburned powder making its way down the rifling and eroding the crown. But I shoot .30 calibers. Could be cartridge specific. There’s a lot more to “geometry” — sectional density, cartridge length, powder behind the bullet, even what primer you use, than people think.

    (But, now, don’t ask me to shoot the side of a barn from the inside. ;))