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You can’t carry a gun there:

An off-duty police officer who got into a shootout with an armed robber as the officer was getting her hair done in a beauty salon in Brooklyn on Saturday night shot the gunman’s revolver out of his hands, police officials said on Monday.

11 Responses to “In NY”

  1. 2yellowdogs Says:

    Nice shootin’, Tex. Give that lady a cigar. And a promotion.

  2. MikeD1Be Says:

    Good on her for doing what she could to protect those people and their property but I wouldn’t exactly call firing 5 shots at a person having one luckily hit his hand and one with even more luck jam the lock in the door marksmanship.

  3. Jake Says:

    Five shots, and she couldn’t hit center mass even once on a grown man at 12 feet?

    I won’t criticize her marksmanship – I’d like to think I could do better even while being shot at, but can’t know for sure unless it actually happens, and I hope I never find out – but it does counter the myth that the police are the “only ones” well trained enough to carry guns.

    Shooting the gun out of his hand and then jamming the lock were both pure blind luck – she shouldn’t bother playing the lottery for a while, because she’s used up her annual allotment of luck – but where did the other 3 bullets go?

  4. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “Nice shootin’, Tex. Give that lady a cigar. And a promotion.” He was the one with the Ruger Vaquero.

    But I’m with you guys, it appears to be a VERY lucky miss.

    Glad it worked out well for everybody but the goblin.

  5. JKB Says:

    Wait, she fires 5 rounds toward the street, and we’ll presume the store windows, and has two total luck shots. Then while the suspect tries to get out of the shop but can’t she doesn’t reload but rather lets him collect his gun and kick out a panel. Lucky to be alive comes to mind. That and, where are the other three rounds? Surely, she knows being a crime scene evidence collector and all.

  6. treefroggy Says:

    ” shot the gunman’s revolver out of his hands. ”

    In other words, she missed.

  7. Jboy Says:

    Looks like spray ‘n pray with a 5-shot snubbie to me.

    She’s lucky no innocents were hit with her stray rounds.

    Send her back to training.

  8. John Wayne Says:

    Gunman did better than she did, actually. He got off 4 rounds from a single action .44 mag before she was able to start shooting (according to this article). Impressive.

    Oh, and she should have curb stomped him while he was crawling out the door.

  9. junyo Says:

    I hope she gets disciplined for not dumping at least 20 rounds downrange, which is NYPD SOP.

  10. wrangler5 Says:

    Too bad she couldn’t have made a lucky shot to his heart or head. Could have saved the city the cost of the bloodhound search.

  11. dave Says:

    In the TV show “Castle”, Castle shoots a gun out of a criminal’s hand. When his partner tells him “nice shooting,” he replies with “I was aiming at his head!”