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October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Go scare some kids.

October 30, 2010

Cash Flowing

Social security isn’t.

Voting while armed

One right requires ID and a background check. And some want to ban it while doing the other.

Just in time for Halloween

Ultimate zombie gun

Guns on TVA land

I wasn’t aware that was an issue.

Halloween by age

How different ages celebrate.

Training Ads in AZ

An update. Seems that the site is an aggregator for training sites. And Phoenix would be cool if they advertised specific trainers.

Real men use android


October 29, 2010

Gun Porn

Suppressor and a look at its internals.

Modernized FEG AMD-65

Gun for OC

Light blogging

What are you gonna do about it? And it’s my birthday.


Josh Sugarmann, who must be the most regular man on Earth, is crapping his pants over the Bushmaster ACR. Saying see, they are too machine guns. Or something.

People doing awesome things

An AR is just an AR

Call it that. People like to pretty up the names, I guess.


65% say they’d replace all of congress. I the number of incumbents unseated comes no where close.

Equivocation and how to suck at it

Some things are bad. Like really earth-shattering bad. You know, like Nazis, genocide, commies. Those sorts of things. Some things are bad. But they just kind of suck. And you probably shouldn’t compare things that just kinda suck to really earth-shatteringly bad things. Like comparing bullying to genocide. It’s not in the same league or even the same fucking sport.

Speaking of bullying, some friends of ours are upset that, at school, ten year old boys call other ten year old boys names. One kid calls their son ‘gay’ and the parents are actually thinking of calling the police. Really? I think back to when I was ten and that was probably the least offensive thing we called each other.


A couple of zombie related TeeVee shows coming out. I’ve set DVR to stun. Hopefully, they’ll get back to zombie basics. More on the zombie genre here, calling for more violence.

I told the wife that Zombieland was hysterical. But she could not make it past the opener due to the blood.

Cool pics

Sometimes men need adult supervision.

October 28, 2010

More Haslam and Guns

Hey, don’t you guys in the press confuse my shameless pandering to gun rights advocates with, you know, actually making gun rights a priority.


It’s interesting what catches the internet’s attention. Yesterday, I linked up the video on carving a pumpkin with a Glock. At that point, I was (per youtube) one of the first 100 or so people to see it. Now, it’s at just over 90K views. And it keeps showing up wherever I look.

Because guns are cool.

John Browning Mansion (pbuh) – Converting to Bed and Breakfast

I received the following email and have to say I find it intriguing:

My name’s Ryan Crompton; I’ve been reading your site for years and have commented a few times (usually under the alias “RC”, though it looks like another commenter uses that handle as well).

As I’m sure you’ve heard, the Browning mansion in Ogden Utah is currently for sale (and has been for well over a year, as a matter of fact). A small group of family members and myself are looking to convert it to a bed-and-breakfast, catering to the Ogden / Salt Lake area as well as any gunnies who may happen to be visiting Utah. At this point in time, we’ve raised about a third of the necessary funds to acquire and complete renovations on the property (currently on the market for about 375k; realistically, we could obtain it for about 350k when we have the necessary funds in place).

Rather than pursuing traditional bank loans, we’re looking to see if there would be any interest in the firearms community at large to turn this into a community venture. Browning is revered by many who would potentially be customers of the B&B, and I’d like to ensure I get things done right.

Thus, I’m looking to using a community model to obtain the balance of financing. Unfortunately for me, I’m not particularly widely known in the gunny blogosphere. I’d like to ask if you’d be willing to place a post on your blog inquiring whether anybody would be willing to help finance the necessary work on the Browning mansion in exchange for a stake in the B&B operation once it’s running. I’m not asking for any money at this point– I just want to determine if the community financing option is feasible. Stakeholders would, in turn, be apprised of progress as the renovations progress and monthly financials once we’re operational.

I have a complete business plan available, and would be happy to present my credentials and experience to anyone who’s interested. Any thoughts, feedback, or further questions are welcome.

-Ryan Crompton
ryandc at gmail dot com


Minigun mounted to a wheelchair?

Familiar Tale

Some off-kilter, easily-influenced person is convinced to engage in some sort of violent action by federal agents. Person sort of acts on it and the feds swoop in and arrest the poor schmuck who probably never would have come up with that idea on his own. The .gov calls it a success. A decade or so back, it was happening to militia wannabes. Now, it’s happening to Jihadi wannabes.

Lies travel fast

You know, NRA has said they’re not endorsing Reid, right?

The people have spoken but they’re stupid so I don’t listen

Wendi C. Thomas writes for the Commercial Squeal. She also has a blog. On that blog, she tells us why she hates and doesn’t read comments posted at the site of the paper she writes for:

Really, I do. I rarely, rarely read them and NEVER on my stories. Why? Because 95 percent of the people who post are losers. OK, I have no way of knowing that. But based on the back-and-forth pissing matches they get into and how far afield they go and how everything descends into race in a matter of seconds, you’ll forgive me if I don’t think highly of the majority of people who use The Commercial Appeal’s comments as their personal port-a-potty.

There’s a saying – if all you have is a hammer, then everything is a nail. For a writer, this basically translates into – don’t be hollering and screaming and moaning about ish all the time, because people get tired of that, so mix it up already. I DELIBERATELY try to do that. I mean, I have a list of things I think I might want to write about, and I look at the mix.

Gee, Wendi, I’m guessing you get so many unpleasant comments because you say so much stupid shit. Just a thought. You know, from a loser.

Via Michael.

The Brady Campaign on Tennessee Elections

They note that Bill Haslam is coming down on the side of civil rights and are none too happy about it. I’m sure they’ll just mobilize their Tennessee legislative office, get some of their lobbyists down to the capitol, and mobilize their grassroots support. Oh, wait.

The sky is always falling

Great pun: The Boy Who Cried “Wolf Extinction” Too Often

He’s right

It’s not. But neither are the words the right of idiots to spew idiocy.

Gun Porn

Rossi Ranch Hand in 44 Mag.


Quote of the Day


So, where do I go vote… for whoever’s gonna fire you?


You know it’s bad when Europe is telling you to stop