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Harry Reid’s Non-Endorsement: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For NRA, the dust up over whether or not the support him could never have ended well for them. The problem is the methodology for determining grades, which usually (but not always) is the basis for their endorsements. While a politician like Reid has a good record voting for gun rights, other actions overshadow those votes, such as support for anti-gun Supreme Court Justices. And toeing the party line.

The good: NRA listened to its base and learned they were not happy. Apparently, they were serious about this Supreme Court justice business.

The bad: this brings to light flaws in the ranking of the yay or nay voting system.

The ugly: Reid kept a lot of anti-gun bills from ever seeing the light of day. And Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

7 Responses to “Harry Reid’s Non-Endorsement: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. alan Says:

    Reid and other Democrats have been playing the NRA for years now by not blatantly voting on gun bills while at the same time making sure that the left’s agenda is advanced. That agenda is most assuredly anti-gun and all it takes is one vote in the Supreme Court.

  2. WestBellevueDad Says:

    Ranking (A, B, etc) and Endorsement are two different things.

    Don’t get them confused, which is easy to do.

    Much like with firearms when Ownership and Possession are two different things. (especially in the NFA world)

  3. bob dole Says:

    If the reps take the house, it won’t matter who is senate majority leader wrt guns. Because of that… I’d rather have 1 more senator on our side wholly than a senate majority leader.

  4. Jay Hafemeister Says:

    That didn’t stop them from donating $4,950 to Harry’s campaign.

  5. Hank Archer Says:

    I have to assume that there were some discussions between the NRA and Reid about this issue. It seems to me that the NRA had to have told Reid that they couldn’t endorse him if he voted for Kagan. Sotomayor was bad enough, but after her hypocrisy was exposed Reid had no cover for the Kagan vote. I’m reasonably sure that before he cast his Kagan vote, Reid knew that it would cost him the NRA endorsement.

  6. Kevin S Says:

    After November, I doubt there will be a filibuster-proof democrat majority in the senate. Let em have their crappy majority leader.

  7. Old Soldier Says:

    Reid isn’t going to win. Nevada is fairly conservative and very hard hit by the recession. Reid used to be able to fly under the radar as a Blue-Dog – not anymore.

    If everything goes right in November, there will be a Republican majority in both houses.