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Seen on the internets

The iPad is like the 45GAP. No one can really tell you what it’s good at but it sure is expensive.

12 Responses to “Seen on the internets”

  1. YJ Says:

    So it will work under water?

  2. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    45GAP is good at shaving a fraction of a second off of revolver reload times in gun games.

    Oh you mean for average shooters? Beats me then.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    An iPad is good at web browsing, checking email, lookin’ at pictures, and watching videos.

    Apple’s been telling people that since the day it was announced, and the reviews seem to agree it’s good at those things.

    (Most of the negative reviews seem to be of the “but it’s not open source and an open platform!” or “but it’s not a phone and it’s not a laptop replacement”… which are both true, but irrelevant to what Apple’s been marketing it as…)

    .45GAP? Yeah, no idea.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    so, it’s a more expensive, less useful netbook. It really is the 45GAP 😉

  5. Alan Says:

    I want an iPad, I just can’t think of a good reason to get one.

  6. Rivrdog Says:

    It’s “branding”. Heaven forbid that we should further STANDARDIZE our firearms.

  7. Diogenes Says:

    Having no desire to own either, I’d say both were designed to separate fanboys from their $$$…

  8. Hypnagogue Says:

    Better battery life, and better software than any netbook I’ve ever used. So I don’t understand the “less useful” part. Netbooks suck at almost everything.

    As far as I can tell, an iPad wins every category except collecting viruses off the internet. Netbooks have that covered.

  9. Fred Says:

    Apparently while silly people were standing in lines and whatnot trying to get one of those, I drove across the state to a gun show and brought a beautiful ’03A3 home with me for a steal(pics of it on my blog… it really is in great condition.) I think I got the better deal.

  10. dave Says:

    “An iPad is good at web browsing, checking email, lookin at pictures, and watching videos.”

    My Droid has been doing a pretty good job with those tasks 🙂

  11. Veeshir Says:

    First rule of intertubing, if you want big comment threads make fun of Apple, Roger Gilmore, Ron Paul or abortion.

  12. Bib Says:

    What Id like to see is a matchup between the.45 GAP and the iPad. Something tells me the iPads gonna lose.

    Having said that, .45 ACP is the way to go!