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Even More Correlation

More guns, less crime:

The District of Columbiaís murder rate plummeted by an astounding 25 percent last year, much faster than for the US as a whole or for similarly sized cities. If you had asked Chicagoís Mayor Daley, that wasnít supposed to happen. The Supreme Courtís 2008 decision to strike down DCís handgun ban and gunlock requirements should have lead to a surge in murders, with Wild West shootouts.


4 Responses to “Even More Correlation”

  1. Mikee Says:

    And the amazing thing about this correlation is, NONE of the licensed handguns has been used in a reported self-defense scenario. Thus the mere presence of a handgun, owned by a law-abiding person, at some unknown location within an entire city landscape, is enough to take a big bite out of crime.

    At least, that is the case if you reverse the logic of the hoplophobes against them. They argue that the mere presence of guns can cause violent behavior. Why can’t we argue that the mere suspected presence of legal guns can cause a cessation of violent behavior?

  2. Matthew P. Says:

    OHH, I get it.
    Most criminals are criminals of convenience! Not mindless thugs that have an uncontrollable thirst for blood.
    Guess thatís also why buying a home alarm sign without owning the alarm as a deterrent.
    Well, letís all hope that common sense has become viral and spreads.

  3. JJR Says:

    Good first step. Next get them to legalize concealed carry and watch it drop further.

  4. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “No big deal. My Marxist amigos in the media will ignore that 25% reduction in the murder rate. A complete restoration of gun rights in D.C. could eliminate murder entirely, but we Marxists would still support gun control, because it’s all about the control not the guns!”