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deweaponizing the gun

Cool art

3 Responses to “deweaponizing the gun”

  1. comatus Says:

    It’s nice, yes, but.
    Plinky Topperwein could do that from 50 yards out.

    Here endeth the review.

  2. Illinois Voter Says:

    Having owned a mini 14 I can’t believe the Artist using it for such precision work. The article’s author blew it a bit by adding that comment from the artists up-bringing. Also the barrel in the image is not from a mini. Following the article back to a web site that gives more detail on his work. He mentions using a .22 due to limiting damage on the aluminum surface, which would be more in line with having some accuracy for his art vs using a mini 14 and ruining his artwork with inherent flyers that so often happen with mini’s.

  3. JJR Says:

    The process how he made them is neat. As for the images themselves *yawn*

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