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Mayors Against Guns Trouble

Buckeye Firearms:

Is Mayor Bloomberg adding mayors to his gun control front group without permission?

Not the first time I have heard that allegation.

Though 46 mayors have left, press coverage focuses on those that stay in.

Also, fact-checking their ads.

One Response to “Mayors Against Guns Trouble”

  1. Chas Says:

    Billionaire Bloomberg bought MAIG to promote himself, but his stooges are getting cold feet. It seems that sacrificing their own political careers to advance Bloomberg’s didn’t seem like such a good idea once they figured out how they’d been used.
    Bloomberg can easily get away with supporting more gun laws from NYC, and he gets a boost from heading up MAIG, but mayors in the rest of America are likely to lose politically from supporting Bloomberg and are realizing that they’ve been pwned.

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