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Bar shooting

Over at, Rikki tells us the law is going as anticipated since there was a bar shooting in Tennessee. Checking out the records, there are two Joshua Andersons that have handgun carry permits but none are from the area where the shooting occurred. I imagine it’s a common name and the guy could have a permit. But if it was confirmed, I’m sure all the local papers would be blaring it at us. And they’re not. Another news source says it happened at a campground, and doesn’t mention the karaoke bar. The establishment is on a campground and the only bar I know of in Tellico Plains isn’t this one.

Update: That was fast:

Authorities release man in fatal karaoke bar shooting

Investigation ongoing.

Update 2: According to my sooper seekrit sources, the place has a permit to sell beer.

Update 3: MKS reports the shooter in the bar incident was not a handgun carry permit holder.

One Response to “Bar shooting”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Oh yeah, it is after July 14. So now a handgun permit holder has compliantly waited until it was legal to commit a crime with a gun in an establishment that serves alcohol?