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Democrats and guns

In an odd shift, it seems that while the Democrat party leaders get it on the gun issue, the party faithful do not:

The poll revealed that while 92% of identified Republicans who responded say the U.S. Constitution affirms an individual right to own a gun under the Second Amendment, only 64% of those who said they were Democrats believe that.

So, while many of the party leaders and politicians are not keen on it, there is not quite that degree of support for gun rights among their voters.

8 Responses to “Democrats and guns”

  1. Sailorcurt Says:

    Although 64% is sad when it comes to understanding the basic foundation for liberty, 64% is still a significant majority.

    And I would submit that that 64% is why the democrat leaders are pretending that they “get it” on the gun issue. It is definitely why dedicated anti’s like Pelosi and Boxer have resigned themselves to putting the issue on the back burner for now.

  2. Paul Says:

    I would agree with SailorCurt, 64% is a good number. That factored with 90+ % of republicans it is clear how to bleat when running on the circuit.

  3. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Exactly–it doesn’t matter whether they’re respecting the 2A because it’s what they believe in their heart of hearts or because they know it’s electoral reality…as long as they respect it. It’ll stay that way as long we stay vigilant.

  4. Rob K Says:

    I’d say that the Dem. party leaders are very keen on gun control, but that they know it’s becoming a political third rail so they’re avoiding it.

  5. beato Says:

    Yeah, you’ve got it backwards. Dem rank and file are shifting towards pro-2A. Its the old school leaders like DiFi and Pelosi who haven’t got the message.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    beato, I hope you’re right.

  7. comatus Says:

    In recent surveys (for instance, “fairness” over “constitution” at the Court), there’s a pretty reliable thirty-some percent of That Party who take what may be seen as the Anti-American platform on every issue. We can’t really know just who these people are from the survey data, but I have my suspicions, and bet the restayas do, too.

  8. Chas Says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the 64%. I would have thought that most rank and file Dems were refusing to concede on the individual right. They must have read Heller. Too bad their “leaders” can’t read the Second Amendment or Heller.